My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 33

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 33 I Love You More Than I Love My Own Girlfriend

Lopez Mansion

Both Mr. Smith and Mr. Lopez were talking about some business stuffs, sitting in the living room and their respective wives were chatting about some random stuffs.

A car honk could be heard from outside, making both of the elder couple more excited. The mothers were the first to run towards the door to see the new couple.

As expected, the dashing couple came out of the car, holding their hands together, which made both of the mothers' mood more brightening.

The couple arrived at the entrance and Veronica immediately ran to hug her mother, leaving Reuben's hand.

"Oh my baby Look, you become more beautiful after your relationship has been disclosed to us. Right Victoria?" Mrs. Lopez asked her best friend.

Mrs. Smith smiled at Veronica and kissed her forehead. Cupping Veronica's face in her hand, she said, "My daughter in law looks always beautiful. But you are right Jessi. She becomes more beautiful nowadays that I can't take my eyes off her."

Veronica blushed at the word 'daughter-in-law' and said shyly, "Auntie, you are more beautiful than me."

Suddenly a hand wrapped around Veronica's waist, snatching her from Mrs. Smith's embrace, as the latter glared at the person who tried to snatch her daughter in law from herself.

Reuben shrugged his shoulders and said, "Come on Mom. Stop trying to butter up my girl. My girl will still love me the most even after you spend 10 kilos of it in buttering her up..."

Mrs. Smith pulled Reuben's ears and shouted, "You boy.. How do you talk to your mother? You didn't even hug me after seeing me."

Reuben removed her hands from Veronica's waist and hugged his mother, "I love you Mom."

Breaking off the hug, Victoria said, "I love you too my son..But not more than my daughter in law."

Reuben pouted but before he could retaliate, Veronica's mother came to his rescue and patted his shoulder, "Don't worry about your mother. Because I also love my son in law more than my daughter."

Reuben cheekily smiled and kissed his would be mother in law's cheek and said, "I also love you more than I love my own girlfriend."

Veronica rolled her eyes at him and gave him a look like, 'You are doomed when we are alone'.

Reuben just ignored her glare and processed in the living room with Mrs. Lopez. Veronica also followed them with Mrs. Smith.


Inside the living room

Mr. Smith was the first one to notice their presence as he dashed towards his son to hug him.

But when he came near Reuben, he changed his path and passed by his side towards Veronica and hugged her tightly.

"Aww My princess. You are really the prettiest girl in the world. I don't know how a girl like you who is both pretty and intelligent, end up with my son? I mean.. there are thousands of more good looking man in the world..... Why this brat? There is nothing good in him to be your boyfriend..." Mr. Smith said seriously looking at Veronica.

Reuben was dumbfounded by the sudden comment of his father but when he heard the next thing his father said, he flared up instantly..

"Look daughter, though I'm very happy and honored to get you as my daughter in law. But if he dares to bully you anytime, then you must tell me this. I'll find a more suitable husband for you... Got it?" Mr. Smith continued his suggestion.

Reuben became so angry after hearing the last sentence that he ran towards his father and lightly pushing him away, he hugged Veronica tightly in his embrace and glared at his father.

"Dad. What kind of father are you? You are trying to let your son's girlfriend marry another man? Humph! Not possible.. Not at all. I'm not letting my girl to be with anyone other than me. Marry? Huh?? Marriage is far away.. even if someone try to look at my girl with bad eyes, I'll kill him right away..." Reuben yelled at his father.

Suddenly, the hall was filled into laughter..