My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 34

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 34 My Soul Will Also Be Dead

Suddenly, the hall was burst into laughter..

Mr. Lopez got up from his sofa, trying to control his breathing after the huge laughter and stood beside his friend, "You really know your son the best, Logan.." Mr. Lopez said holding his laughter.

"Told you already that he will exactly behave like this. Hahahaha." Mr. Smith burst out in laughter again.

"Stop bullying him now both of you." Veronica's mother, Jessica said giving a chuckle.

"Like father, like son..." Reuben's mother, Victoria shook her head at her husband's teasing.

Reuben looked at each and everyone and glared at them, "You guys planned all of it to tease me, right?"

"Yes.. we really planned it to show your future in laws that how overprotective can a man of Smith's family be about their woman. And I must tell you that you really had impressed me, my son. You should always be like this protective over your own girl..."

"I know dad. I'll always protect her from everything." Reuben claimed confidently.

Mr. Lopez patted his shoulder and said, "Then I really don't have any tension about my daughter. After all, she is now in your hand."

Reuben nodded at his future in-laws and said honestly, "Don't worry uncle. She is my life and if something happens to her, my soul will also be dead." He looked down at the woman in his embrace, whose eyes were turning watery and then he kissed her eyes.

All the elders saw these couple's affection towards each other and felt a relief and calmness inside their heart as they smiled...

To change the serious atmosphere into a funny one, Mr. Smith blabbered out, "But princess, always remember my last statement... that there are more suitable man for you than this brat.. I mean if you want to find anyone else as your future husband.." He winked at Veronica.

"Dad." Reuben gritted his teeth.

"Okay. Now stop everyone. Dinner is ready. Let's eat first." Veronica's father, James prohibited the father-son from starting third world war..


After their dinner, the couple distribute the gifts that they had prepared for their parents and all the parents were very happy with the thoughtfulness of their children and blessed them.

The Lopez couple then brought out a box which had a 'Pamerai Radiomir' watch and gifted it to Reuben. It is a famous and one of the most expensive brand for watches. The watch was very beautiful. It is a brown leather watch which was gold plated and the dial has a rare diamond in it.

Reuben accepted the gift to respect them and thanked earnestly...

The Smith couple hadn't also come empty handed. They also took out a wooden box and gave it to Veronica so that she could open it herself...

When Veronica opened the box, she was mesmerized by the beauty of the gift and she covered her mouth with her hand in shock...

There was a diamond necklace in the box which had some red precious gems in the middle. It was shining so brightly that Veronica felt that her eyes would hurt if she continued to see it for one more second.

Reuben's eyes twitched when he saw the necklace, his parents had gifted to Veronica... He then looked at his parents astonishingly and when they gave him a nod, he couldn't stop smiling at his parents and put his left hand on Veronica's shoulder as if comforting her and giving her some support..

"Uncle, Aunt, this.." Veronica was about to say something when her mother in law stopped her.

"Veronica, I always thought you as my own daughter from the day you born and sometimes I even dreamt of you as my daughter in law. But I never thought that my wish be fulfilled so easily. Me and your uncle are very happy about both of you. So we both decided to give you our family heirloom at our first meeting as your in-laws. So you can't say no to us and only keep it to yourself..." Victoria explained as she caressed her cheek.

Mr. Smith also joined his wife, "Yes princess. You are going to be our daughter in law on day. And everyone know that there is no one more suited than you as Reuben's future wife... So accept it darling.. Okay?"

Tears started to fall from Veronica's eyes as she looked at Reuben and when he saw her tears, he wiped it off and brushed her hair with his fingers as he said, "Take it baby."

Veronica nodded at him and accepted the necklace.

She then gave them a bright smile with her still teary eyes and said, "Thanks Uncle and Auntie..."

"No. This is not happening. From now on, you have to call us Mom and Dad." Mr. Smith replied and his wife nodded.

"Okay." Hesitating for sometime, she said again looking at the Smith couple, "Thanks... Mom and Dad."

Everyone smiled at this and then Mr. Lopez also made Reuben remember, "You too fella. You also should start calling us Mom and Dad from now on."

Reuben grinned and shamelessly pronounced, "Okay Mom and Dad."

After some more chatting, everyone left the Lopez mansion.

Though Mr. Lopez wanted to stop his daughter from leaving but his wife threatened him to do so. That's why he reluctantly agreed to let his girl leave with his future son in law.