My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 35

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 35 Will You Be My Girlfriend?..

Sip and Drip, Lucinda's caf.

Lucinda was about to leave her caf when she noticed a car parking outside of the gate.

A man was standing there with his back pressing on the car. The man was very handsome and every passer by were at least giving him a second look over him...

Lucinda was surprised to see the man there. She murmured to herself, "Is he here for me?"

Shaking her head, when she walked towards the man, the man lifted up his head and saw Lucinda approaching him. He stood up properly and gave her a charming smile.

When Lucinda stood in front of him, she asked, "What are you doing here Henry?"

Henry stuttered, "Ah.. That.. I was waiting for you."

"Me?" Lucinda acted surprised, but deep down in her heart, she felt happiness bloomed. Joy fillef in her entire stomach...

Henry then caught her hand and made her sit in the passenger seat.

Buckling her seatbelt, he said, "Uhm.. I'm going to take you to somewhere. Don't question me more. It will not take much time. You trust me right?" He asked the last question looking at her eyes.

Lucinda nodded and Henry felt a sight of relief. Entering the driver seat, he drove through the street.


After 45 minutes

Henry stopped the car near a park and helped Lucinda to get off. He then hold her hand and made her sit on a bench near the pond, inside the park.

"You sit here. I'll be back in 5 minutes." Saying this, Henry ran to somewhere.

Lucinda was confused by the whole thing, like why Henry suddenly brought her here and then disappear from her sight. She was in her own thought, when suddenly.

*boom* *boom*

The whole sky was brightened with lights that was emitting from the fire crackers and the refection of the sky was falling on the clean water of the pond. The sight was splendid to view.

Lucinda was so mesmerized by the view in front of her that she didn't notice the man who was standing right behind her, with a bouquet of red roses...

"Lucy" Henry called her nervously.

Hearing the voice, Lucinda turned towards him and the next thing that happened made her shook...

Henry knelt down in front of her and hold up the flowers in front of her, saying hoarsely, "Lucinda.. Though we are friends for very long time. But I don't feel you like my any other friend. From the last four years, I have been feeling something more about you. I couldn't at first understand those feelings. But four years ago, when I saw you with another man holding your arm in the party, I became very."

Henry paused for sometime, then continued, "I became very jealous. That's when I understood about the true meaning of my unknown feelings. But later I came to know that the man was none other than your cousin..." he chuckled.

Lucinda laughed at his comment and looked forward for more to listen from him, "And?" she asked.

"And.. the feeling is none other than love..." Henry took a deep breath.

He then looked at her eyes directly and encouraged himself, "Lucinda Wilson I love you. I'm loving you from the past four and half years but couldn't get the guts to confess to you. So now I'm asking you.. Will you be my girlfriend?"

Lucinda's heart thumped loudly at his sudden but very sweet confession and tears started to fall from her eyes...

She then jumped into his embrace.

Henry wasn't ready for the sudden hug as both of them fall on the grass, Lucinda lying over Henry.

Sobbing hard, Lucinda too confessed, "I love you too Henry. I am also loving you for more than four years and expecting you to confess me but you took so long..."

She was crying like hell in his embrace. So Henry asked her soothing her back, "So you will be my girlfriend, right?"

"Of course stupid.." She said hitting him on the chest.

Henry lifter up her chin and moved their face closer. Their noses and foreheads were pressed together.

Lucinda closed her eyes in anticipation. Now both of their lips were a centimeter away from you touching.