My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 36

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 36 Planted A Seed Of Fear

Henry lifted up her chin and moved their face closer...

Their noses and foreheads were pressed together. Lucinda closed her eyes in anticipation..

Now both of their lips were a centimeter away from touching.

Henry's lips brushed with Lucinda's and when he felt the softness of her lips, he too closed his eyes...

Letting the flower bouquet fall on the ground, his hand hold the back of her neck to press their lips together more.

Lucinda felt a chill ran down her spine when Henry's cold lips touched hers. But the coldness soon replaced by hotness, that was illuminating from their body when Henry bit her lips, forcing her to open her teeth and pushing his tongue in.

When Henry's hot tongue slid inside her mouth and played with her tongue, Lucinda widened her eyes and clutched onto Henry's shirt tightly...

Understanding her hesitation, Henry embarrassedly pulled himself away from her and helped her to sit up properly on the ground. He then also sat up straight and again hold the flowers.

"I.. I brought this for you. But forgot to give you." He stammered.

Feeling guilty that he almost lost his self control while kissing her, he dithered, "And sorry for that..."

Lucinda looked at him confusedly and asked, "Sorry for what?"

"That... I lost control over myself while kissing you. Actually you were so tempting.And"

Before Henry could complete, Lucinda crashed her lips with his and kissed him clumsily...

Henry was very shocked at first but then regained his consciousness as he pulled her on his lap and kissed her passionately. This time, both of their lips and tongue were in perfect sync..

Kissing for some time, they both breathed heavily and after staying in each other's arms for like half an hour, enjoying the enchanting view, they left the park, holding their hands as a commitment of their new relationship...


Reuben and Veronica were driving back to their bungalow, but Veronica didn't speak at all with Reuben for some reasons that Reuben also couldn't guess out.

Reuben tried to console her for many times but she didn't listen. Instead, she was busy with her phone, calling someone.

After calling for more than five times when the person didn't pick up her phone, Veronica become more frustrated and cut the call gritting her teeth.

Reuben frowned at her action and asked, "What happened? Whom are you calling?"

"That's none of your business." Veronica retorted.

Reuben's frown got deeper and he took the phone out of her hand and unlocked it. Then he checked the caller's name and couldn't help but chuckle.

"Now.. why are you laughing like a fool?" Veronica glared at her boyfriend.

Reuben gave back her phone and still chuckling, he replied, "My sweetheart. Even if you call her hundred more times, she will not pick up the phone."

Veronica pressed her eyebrows together, not understanding his meaning and asked, "Why so?"

"Because your bestie is now busy with our 'newly become boyfriend' Henry." Reuben chuckled again.

Veronica straightened her back and hold his left hand that was on the gear, and questioned him excitedly, "What do you mean? Has Henry finally decided to propose her?"

"Well, my girlfriend is really clever. Even I think that the proposal has been already done and they both will be kissing each other now.." He winked.

Veronica clapped her hands together and exclaimed in joy, "Yeyyyy.. Finally we will not be the only couple in our group. But I hope that stupid Henry would not mess up this time."

Reuben caught her hand and kissed it, as he said, "Don't worry. This time he will not dare to back off, because I planted a seed of fear in him about Lucinda to marry another guy."

"You are really a big tease." Saying this, the couple bursted in laughter...