My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 37

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 37 The Intruder

Somewhere in City B

Around 10 pm

A middle aged man was sitting in his study room, smoking a cigarette. The room was filled with suffocating scent of the cigarette's smoke.

His assistant was standing in front of him with his head bowed down.

"Did you find out what I told you to?" Mr. Porter Brown asked his assistant.

"Yes sir. I already did the research about the girl you are asking for to do. But there is no information of her in City S. Seems like she is not a resident of that city." His assistant replied.

"Okay. You can leave now." Mr. Brown said.

After the assistant left, Mr. Brown let out another puff of smoke and closed his eyes, while relaxing his head on his chair.

"That's mean, Alonzo didn't plan to shift the office to city S for that beggar girl. *sigh*. Seems like I have thought too much about this matter. Now that I know, it is not related to that girl, I can finally relax." Porter Brown smashed the cigarette and left the study room.


Alonzo's apartment

Alonzo just got out of the shower when his phone rang.

Looking at the caller ID, he picked up the call, "What's the matter?"

"Uhmm. Boss.. Your father, Mr. Brown had sent some men to investigate about Miss." Bill reported.

"So I guessed right about my father that he would order something like this. But didn't expect that it'll be so soon. Never mind. Did he come to know anything about her?" Alonzo enquired.

Bill replied straightly, "No sir. He couldn't. Our men hid her informations very well."

"Okay. Let me know if something more happens." Alonzo ordered.

"Yes boss." And the call got cut off.



After getting back home, Veronica took a warm bath and wore her pajamas.

As Reuben was busy in a phone call with Tom about some business matters, she decided to read some novels.

Veronica laid on the bed, on her stomach and her legs were hanging high in the air as she was swinging it to and fro, while checking on some novels.

Her hair covered her shoulders but her pajamas slipped up from her thigh, almost showing everything.

Finishing the call, Reuben entered their room and this s.e.xy scene of Veronica, lying on the bed with her exposed legs, allured him.

He slowly approached her and kept his phone on the side table. He sat on the edge of the bed without making any noise and holding her bare legs, he kissed her left ankle.

As Veronica was busy, searching for some good novels, she didn't notice the intruder. So she jolted up with the sudden touch of Reuben's lips but later relaxed seeing the face of the intruder.

Reuben showered a lot of kisses from her ankle up to her thighs. He then shifted himself beside her and slowly slide his cold hands under her pajama shirt, caressing her waist gently.

Veronica shuddered with his touch and keeping her phone down, turned over to face him. Reuben's arm encircled her waist and he pulled her up for a kiss.

Wrapping her hands around Reuben's neck, Veronica closed her eyes when both of their lips met each other...

This time it was Veronica who dominated the kiss by sliding her tongue into his mouth. Both of their tongues wrapped around themselves and overpowered their sentiments. This kiss was not gentle but a demanding one...

"Mhmmm" Veronica m.o.a.ned, when Reuben's other hand caressed her bare back under her pajama top.

Veronica's hands were now on his chest, slowly unbuttoning his shirt one by one. When she opened the last button, she helped him to remove his shirt and tossed it on the floor.

Now her hands were roaming all over his toned chests, then his navel and torso. Reuben groaned when he felt her soft hands on his chest.

Quickly, unbuckling his belt, he removed his pants and kissed her neck. Veronica didn't wear any bra so his hand could feel the side of her curves very clearly.

Sliding his hand to the hem of her top, he tore it into pieces..