My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 39

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 39 Your Wishmy Command


His mouth also went towards more south portion and stopped right in front of her panties...

Planting a kiss on her panties, he rubbed it with his nose and sniffed her smell.

His one hand went inside her black underwear and started to rub her hidden flower. His other hand caressed her thighs, whereas his lips were busy in giving kisses all around her thighs and legs.

Veronica couldn't do anything except m.o.a.ning Reuben's name, "Ben.Ahhhh."

Reuben felt his adrenaline went high as he caught the side of her panties and tore it again like her top.

The pink flesh came into her sight and he dived into tasting it. His tongue twirled around her flower and bit on her gentle petals...

Veronica held Reuben's hair tightly, as she involuntarily pushed him more into her private part.

Reuben continuously licked, bit, sucked and twirled his tongue around her pink fleshy flower.

Veronica couldn't suppress her orgasm any longer as she came into Reuben's mouth. Reuben smiled for his victory and drank all her juice in one go. He didn't forget to lick the extras with his tongue. It is like this is the best juice he had ever tasted...

"Ica.. My baby. You taste so sweet." He mumbled against her clit.

Veronica pulled Reuben over towards her by his hair and kissed him passionately.

Reuben also kissed her with same passion, his hand continued to rub her clit. He slid his index finger inside her core in one go, making Veronica m.o.a.n in pleasure, "Ahhh."

He then entered another finger and moved in and out. both the fingers were rhythmic with their kissing.

After some more making out, Reuben lifted up his head and gave a quick peck on her lips.

"You are already very much wet for me Babe.. Seems like you too want me inside you..just like how much I want me to be.." Reuben hoarsely said.

Veronica deepened the kiss. As for her, she is in no position to speak but her l.u.s.ty eyes and flushed face was enough to tell how much she want to be one with him. In the ecstasy she is currently in, all she could do is nod her head...

Getting an approval from his woman, he quickly pulled off his boxer and his little brother stood high and large proudly in front of Veronica's eyes.

She really could feel how much her boyfriend wanted her right now just by eyeing at his little brother

"Please" she hoarsely said. She can't wait any longer too..

"Your wish My command babe.. Moreover I also can't wait to be one with you. Soare you ready?" Putting a condom on his shaft for protection, Reuben whispered naughtily and hovered over her in a swift motion.

Pressing his lips on her forehead, Reuben gently pushed his long proud member inside her.

Veronica opened her closed eyes and wrapped her arms around Reuben's neck, pulling him for a kiss.

Understanding what his girlfriend wants from him, Reuben too devoured her mouth while his hand fondled her left b.r.e.a.s.t.

Both of them groaned together when Reuben thrust hard in her. Veronica also moved her bottom to catch up Reuben's pace and wrapped her legs around Reuben's waist.

"Uhhhh Babe" Reuben groaned loudly as he hit Veronica's G-spot and quickened his pace, thrusting hard inside her.

"Honey Uhmm" Veronica m.o.a.ned and bit Reuben's shoulder while Reuben's member grew bigger inside of her.

Reuben intertwined his fingers with Veronica's hand, on the sheet, pressing his body more onto her.

Groaningm.o.a.ningtouching and feeling each and other's every part through making love with each other, nearly for one hour both of them nearly came to their orgasm.

"Honey. I'm coming." Veronica arched her back and she reached her orgasm.

"I'm also coming baby." Reuben groaned and filled the rubber pot with his juice..

C.u.m.m.i.n.g into Veronica, Reuben collapsed on her body and breathed heavily. Though he was wearing a condom but he still could feel Veronica's juice against his shaft.

Veronica brushed her fingers through his hair and closed her eyes in satisfaction.

"I'm feeling so happy honey.." Veronica said softly and kissed his hair.

Reuben buried his head in her neck and muttered, "Still I'm the happiest.." He then smelled her fragrant and kissed her neck and shoulder.

He then lifted his head and grinned at her. Raising his brows c.o.c.kily, he asked, "Another round?"

Veronica pinched his cheeks and cheekily smiled. Winking at him, she brushed her lips onto his and replied, "Why not?!!"

And again this couple indulged themselves in their second round of love making