My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 4

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 4 Family Time

Back at Lopez Mansion..

After coming back from shopping, the mother-daughter duo told the servants to keep the shopping bags in the living room and then went upstairs to freshen up.

About half an hour later, Veronica came in the living room. Not getting any trace of her father, she asked the servants, "Did you see my dad? I can't find him anywhere."

The servant replied politely, " Young Miss, Sir is in the kitchen. He is cooking food for lunch."

"What?? Doesn't he have any other office works? He was hardly having any free time in this whole week." Mrs. Lopez asked amusingly while descending from the stairs.

"Okay Mom, you don't have to worry about this. You go and sit in the dining room; I'll go and check on Dad."

Assuring her Mom, Veronica entered the kitchen only to see her father cooking while humming some song.

"Hey Dad, what are you cooking?" Veronica asked peeking at the frying pan.

"Hi princess. You are already back from shopping? Well, I'm making your favorite lemon steak and chicken noodles." Mr. Lopez replied chuckling at his petite daughter.

" Wow dad! You're making lemon steak!! Dad, you are the best of bestest father of the world." Veronica jumped happily. Her father laughed out loud as he affectionately looked at his, already grown up daughter acting childish.

Suddenly remembering something, Veronica spoke in concern, "But dad... You know how much work you had to do for the new project. You came late every night and went back office early in the morning for these past two weeks. I can clearly see the tiredness and fatigue etching on your face. You also have dark circles under your eyes. So you don't have to cook for us."

Seeing the concerned face of his beloved daughter, James's heart got melted and he turned off the stove to hug his daughter tightly.

"Oh my baby!! Look at your face. You are looking very bad with this scrunched up face. So don't be sad anymore and show me the sweetest smile of the world. Then let me tell you one thing.. I've already completed the project successfully and now I'm totally free. As my queen and my princess went for a big fighting task like shopping, why not their king make some good dishes to build they energy up." James said patting her head.

Hearing her father's melodramatic yet loving speech Veronica smiled cutely and buried her face in her father's chest, " Dad, you are really something. I was just worried about you. And if you are done with your project then why didn't you take some rest with a short nap. Why to bother yourself with cooking?"

Mr. Lopez feigned to be hurt and said, "Is it called 'bothering' to cook for your own daughter and wife? Huhuhu !! My daughter doesn't love me anymore"

"Dad you also know that I didn't mean to say that." Veronica sighed.

"Yes, I know my princess. You should not stress out about this. My tiredness always fade away seeing your beautiful smile." James kissed her forehead gently.

" Hmm Dad.. I love you very much." Vero also kissed her father's cheek.

"I love you too my princess."


Back in the dining room

After sitting for quite a while, Mrs. Lopez couldn't see none of the father-daughter still. So being bored alone, she also went to the kitchen to find them but she paused when she reached in front of the door. Silently watching the father and daughter's heart-warming interaction and they are hugging each other tightly right now; Mrs. Lopez's heart filled with sweetness and her eyes turned red with tears. She thanked the God in her mind quietly for giving her such a loving family.

Later, Mother Lopez removed the tears from her eyes and faked a jealousy tone, "Woah ! I'm waiting for you two in the dining room for so long and here you are both.. hugging and sweet talking with each other. Humph !! You two really forgot that there is another person who lives in this house and loves her family very much. But look, what I get in return. Just IGNORANCE.."

Veronica rolled her eyes seeing her mother's over-acting whereas James just gazed at his wife softly with a smile plastering on his face.

"Oh darling ! We didn't ignore you at all. We were just having some father-daughter moment. And you know that you will always be the queen of my heart." He tried to smoothen up his wife's mood.

"Humph!!" Jessica scoffed again.

Seeing her mother being still dramatic Veronica looked at her father and he also looked back at her. Nodding to each other at the same time they both went near Jessica and hugged her tightly.

" I love you Mommy. You are the best mother of the world."

" I love you honey. You are the best wife of the world."

As they conveyed their feelings, Mrs. Lopez hugged them back with same affection and a smile crept on her face. She replied, " I love you too dear's and you both are my life. Not to mention, you two are also the best husband and daughter of the world."

After some more sweet talks they had their lunch and then Veronica showed her father everything that she and her mother shopped today. James was also amazed to see the gift for the party and praised his wife. Later all of them went to their respective bedrooms.