My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 41

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 41 Cant Remember Properly

When Veronica woke up from her slumber, after their intense morning exercise, it was already 11 am. She disembarked from the bed and the moment her feet touched the ground, she almost fell down but balanced herself by holding the bedside on time.

She was extremely sore and her legs felt like a jelly out of pain. She cursed Reuben in her heart and wobbly went inside the bathroom...


After soaking herself in hot water for half an hour, her pain subsided and she came downstairs in search of her assaulter.

Reuben was setting the table with his handmade foods while humming some songs. His face seemed delightful with happiness and satisfaction because of the last night and also today morning's activity.

Veronica gnashed her teeth when she noticed the silly smile on his face and sat down on her chair.

Reuben noticed her and asked, "You woke up baby? Let's eat then. I have made all your favorite dishes today." He then placed some foods on her plate and sat beside her.

Veronica took a bite of meat and muttered angrily, "Monster.."

Laughing hard on his new nick name, Reuben teased, "So now I'm promoted from a beast to monster?"

Veronica gave him a death stare and continued eating with Reuben.


As it was Sunday, both Reuben and Veronica hadn't any work. So after their brunch, they both strolled around the garden holding each other's hands. Both of them sat on a bench viewing the beautiful flowers of the garden, with Veronica's head on Reuben's shoulder.

They were not speaking anything, just enjoying the calmness of the nature in each other's embrace..

Suddenly, Veronica's phone started ringing and it was her father who was calling.

"Yes Dad.." Veronica answered the call, still sitting in Reuben's arms.

"Princess What are you doing now?" Mr. Lopez asked.

"Nothing much Dad. Just strolling around the garden." Veronica replied.

Veronica and Reuben forgot to tell their family about them, living in the same house since past three and half years. So they decided to tell them another time, till then they would enjoy more of their personal space and time.

Mr. Lopez said, "Good. Actually I called you to notify about a party on next weekend, so that you can prepare beforehand."

Meanwhile, Reuben's naughty hand started exploring her waist and tummy under her thin top and his kisses were falling simultaneously on her neck and face.

Veronica pressed her lips together to stop a m.o.a.n and caught Reuben's wavering hand but to no avail, as he continued his handiwork on her tummy, pinching her navel with his fingers.

Glaring at him, Veronica replied, "Okay Dad I will visit you before lunch at the party day then. But whose party is this?"

Father Lopez responded, "The Brown Corporation of City B changed their main office in City S. So they are holding an inauguration party to customize with the businessmen of our city and we are being invited in it."

Veronica knitted her brows listening the name of Brown Corporation and answered, "Hmm.. Dad.. I'll then prepare your and Mom's dress for the party with mine."

Talking for some more time with her father, Veronica cut the call. She sighed and stroked Reuben's biceps.

Reuben looked at his girlfriend and understood that something was bothering her. So he asked, "What happened baby? Why are you frowning?"

Veronica took a deep breath and hugged him tighter, "Nothing baby. Dad just told me to be ready for the party of a new business company on the next weekend."

"You mean, Brown Corporation?" Reuben ran his hand through her hair as he asked.

Veronica nodded her head in response and questioned in a low voice, "Hmm.. Are you also invited?"

"Well, Yeah.. I'm also going to that party. So you will see me there. But you look confused about something?" Reuben couldn't identify what is making her confused.

"Ah.. About that.. I think, I heard the name Brown Corporation somewhere but I can't remember properly." Veronica replied, trying to remember anything about the new company.

Reuben patted her back and said, "This new businessman is from B city. Maybe you have heard about him or his company when you visited City B five and half years ago."

"Hmm.. That could be possible." Veronica didn't think too much about it and enjoyed her time with her handsome boyfriend.

Later that night, they both made their dinner together and after eating, again indulged into their passionate love making...