My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 42

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 42 Mind It

Next day, Veronica directly went to the film set of their upcoming VFX Project for some discussion with the director, before going to her office.

Willa was busy with some important matters, so she stayed in company and emailed the layout to Veronica.


Top floor of Creation

Louis was sitting in his chair in a room that was just beside the CEO's office. A man was sitting in front of him on his knees, kneeling down and crying miserably.

"Sorry Boss.. I will not do this kind of mistakes again. Please spare me for the last time." He was begging with his hand clasped together.

Louis laughed mockingly and said, "What? Spare you? Do I look like a stupid to you or do you think the CEO of our company is a fool? After backstabbing us by trying to sell our project to another company, you think I'll forgive you?"


Previous week

The man was an employee under the Graphics Designing Department. The head of the department found something unobvious in their project like it was being copied to somewhere.

Every department head's computer has a special software that could easily analyze if someone tried to copy, replace, delete or do something else to the saved files. So when the department head noticed this, he urged Veronica to help her.

Veronica then asked Willa to bring the CCTV Footage to her and typed something on her computer and after that a passcode generated on her PC screen, which scanned through the graphic department head's computer and found out that the person was an employee who was also handling the project.

After Willa brought the CCTV footage, there she saw the man talking with someone in phone but couldn't hear anything. But again tapping some codes on her computer she clearly heard each and every words of the man.

He was stealing the project to sell it to their rival company and quickly informed the whole thing with evidence to the CEO's head secretary and then the head secretary handed the proofs to Louis's assistant.


Back to present

The man cried out, "I'm really sorry sir. Please forgive me. I have a wife and two children to feed in home. If something happens to me then my family can't suffer in this world."

Louis punched his face and shouted, "Then you had to think about your family before betraying us..."

He then called someone and ordered, "Come in now.."

The man's face was now all bloody after getting the punch from Louis and when he tried to cry for mercy again, two bulky men in black outfits came inside the room and hold the employee by his two hands.

Louis commanded, "Both of you take him to our base and beat him until he beg for his death. Then hand him to the police."

Then he pointed towards the beaten employee and snarled, "And you.. If you dare to open your mouth to police about what happened here or going to happen later with you, then your family will be in a big danger and no on will be able to save them.

And one more thing.. Tell the person who gave you the order of this stupid yet dangerous work.. not to play this kind of stupid tricks with Creation.. Our boss will definitely not leave him for the second time if they try to meddle with us for a second time.. MIND IT"

The man shivered in fear and shook his head as he requested, "I'll not say anything. Just don't do anything bad to my family. And I'll also warn that person."

Louis didn't replied and signed the two bulky men to took him away from the room.

The men nodded and dragged him out of the room.


The CEO's assistant then entered the room and cheered, "Wooooohhooo.. It was fun to watch him like this. Now only we have to handle our so called rival company who tried to fight with us Huh! Just thinking about the consequences of them, I'm getting excited."

Louis chuckled and said, "Well we have to wait for the right time about that. After all our dear CEO is the one who will handle them.."