My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 43

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 43 Just Dont Fall Too Hard

Veronica came back to office from the film set around 2 pm. She had already done with her lunch before coming back to the office.

As Veronica sat on her chair and rubbed her temples, Willa also came in with a mischievous smile on her face, holding two cups of coffee.

Staring at her assistant's expression, Veronica understood the meaning and asked, "So the work is done?"

Willa sat opposite of her and replied, "Yes.. All done.. Just the biggest work is left for you to handle.." Then she gave a cup of coffee to Veronica and took a sip from her cup.

Veronica smirked holding the coffee mug in her hand and tapping on it with her index finger, "Okay.. Leave it for me.. This is not the right time for the big project to be done as I don't want to ruin my enjoyment with Reuben, just because of this 'not so pig project.' "

Chuckling at her friend's comment, Willa asked, "So how is everything going between both of you guys?"

Sighing deeply, Veronica replied, "There is no time that we will not be good. As usual my dear boyfriend tortured me to death in bed for the past two days.."

Pausing for a while, Veronica looked straightly in Willa's eyes after taking a sip of her coffee, "I think what Louis said to you, was not absolutely wrong.."

Willa furrowed her brows and confusedly asked, "What are you talking about?" Then played with the handle of the cup.

Sighing again, Veronica placed her coffee mug on the table and intertwined her fingers. "Look.. I'm not sure though but I also feel that Sam is not a good guy for you.. Don't take it as an offense but it's just that I can feel it from his vibes. And you even didn't let me do a background check on him.. so I can't really persistently force you to not listen to your feelings but still.. just don't fall too hard for him so that you can prevent yourself from a future heartbreak."

Understanding her friend's concern about her, Willa smiled at her and hold her hand. She affirmed her, "Don't worry.. I know he is a good guy and will make me happy in the future.."

Standing up from the chair, Willa said, "I'll be get going now. Lots of work are pending.. Bye.."

Veronica nodded at Willa and replied, "Hmm.. Bye.."


Inside Willa's cabin...

Willa settled down herself on the chair and covered her face with her hands.. She then thought back about the memories of Sam and her..

In the past...

Sam and Willa met each other two years ago when they both attended a family wedding..

It was Willa's cousin brother's marriage and Sam was one of her brother's best friends.. They got introduced to each other there and both of them became very good friends of each other in a very small time.

As both Willa and Sam had the responsibilities of the decorations for the wedding, they often had to hang out together for the various kinds of arrangements like venue, flowers etc So after spending more and more time with each other they became closer

Even after the wedding, they still stayed in contact and continued meeting each other in their free time. And this blooming friendship turned into a blooming love

Willa was sure that she fell for Sam a long time ago and she also knew that this feeling was mutual, both sided..

But the thing she couldn't understand that why Sam still hadn't proposed her yet.. Even when she tried to give him hints and advance forward into the relationship herself, Sam always changed the topic..

Now Willa started to think about the possibilities that her friends were saying to her

Does Sam really loves her? If yes, then why didn't he commit with her? But the biggest question is.

Is he even a good guy????