My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 44

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 44 Couple Dress

Smith Enterprise

Reuben was checking the files which contained the proposal of the new shopping mall project, that the Brown Corporation had submitted..

After he completed studying the whole file and observing the demonstration neatly, his lips curled up in a smile and he dabbed his fountain pen on the table.

Flipping through the pages one more time, he gave back the file to Tom who was sitting on the other side of table, waiting for his Boss's response..

Tom asked, "Boss.. so what do you think about the proposal?"

Reuben kept the pen in the pen stand and said, "Indeed you chose them as the best among all of the other proposals"

Pausing for a while, he continued, "Announce Brown Corporation as the winner of our new project next week, after their inauguration party and fix a meeting with Mr. Brown after it..."

After Tom left, Reuben muttered to himself, "Seems like the architectural companies of city S will have a good rival and tough competitor to fight with from now on.."

"It's going to be fun to watch" he smirked.

And then a sudden phone call brought Reuben back from his thoughts. He smiled as he picked up the call.

"Yes babe.." Reuben answered..

"Honey, I'm going to buy the attires for my Mom and Dad for the upcoming party on Saturday.. Should I also buy your suit?" Came Veronica's sweet and melodious voice from the other side of the phone.

Reuben's smile broadened and he replied, "Is that even a question honey? Do whatever you want.. You know I prefer to wear the suits more that you bought for me than those that I chose for myself.. And please try to buy one that match with your gown.."

Veronica giggled, "That I obviously know.. And yes I will buy your suit matching with my gown, yet will make sure that no one can understand that it's a couple dress.."

"Hmm.. I know my girl is the best when it comes to choose a couple dress without making anyone doubt about it.." Reuben chuckled.

Reuben then asked, "By the way, you don't like to shop alone. Then are you going with Lucy?"

Veronica affirmed him by saying, "Yup Lucy is going with me."

"Okay.. stay safe and I'll send a car to your office. Then you can pick Lucy up from her caf.." Reuben said.

"Hmm.. That will be good." Veronica replied.

Talking for some more time, they ended the call.


After office hours, Veronica boarded the car which was sent by Reuben and went to 'Sip and Drip' (Lucinda's cafe)..

Lucinda was waiting outside of her caf and when she saw Veronica's car, she hopped in it.

As Lucinda closed the door, Veronica told the driver to go to 'Sky-Heart'.

She then faced Lucinda and gave her a teasing smile and asked, "So.. how are you?"

Lucinda ignored the teasing smile and replied, "I'm fine as always.."

"Just fine? I thought you would say that you are in cloud nine.. After all that stupid Henry and you got together after waiting for nearly four and half years?" Veronica continued with her teasing.

Blushing hard, Lucinda hid her face with both of her hands and softly murmured, "Don't tease me Vero"

Laughing loudly, Veronica poked her arms and said, "Are you now blushing?"

Removing her hands from her face, Lucinda tried to retaliate, "No.. I'm not.."

"Okay.. okay.. you are not.. You told me how Henry proposed you earlier but hadn't explained me in details. So start now."

Lucinda then started describing the whole process of Henry's proposal including their kiss..

"God!! Lucinda. So you guys already kissed each other on the proposal day.. I'm so happy for you." And then Veronica hugged Lucinda in super excitement and happiness.

"I'm also very happy for myself Vero.. I'm finally dating my prince charming.." Lucinda excitedly said as she hold Veronica's hands.

Ten minutes later, the driver told them that they had already reached Sky-Heart. So both of them left the car and entered the mall..