My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 45

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 45 Everything Is Possible In This Small World..

Veronica and Lucinda entered the Ladies' department first and bought the dresses for their mothers..

When they were choosing some gowns for their own, Veronica remembered that her mother always went for shopping with Reuben's mother for any kind of occasion.

If this time her mother told her to buy one for her, then that's mean that Reuben's mother also hadn't bought something for her to wear in the party...

Her eyes then landed on a beautiful burgundy color half sleeved dress that has some white embroidery on the chest portion

Just looking at the dress, her mind made an imagination of her beautiful mother in law wearing this dress and she grinned..

Walking towards the dress, she surveyed the it and a smile crept on her lips as she told one of the sales lady, "Please pack this dress for me."

Lucinda narrowed her eyes at Veronica and asked, "Are you taking this dress for you? Girl this will not look good at you."

"I know that.." Veronica casually replied.

Looking at her best friend with a muddled expression, Lucinda questioned, "If you know that this dress will not suit you then why are you buying it???"

"It's for Mom.." Veronica replied.

"Mom? But you already bought one for Auntie" Lucinda confusedly spoke.

Flicking Lucinda's forehead, Veronica said, "It's not for my Mom stupid.. It's for Reuben's Mom."

Widening her mouth in a huge 'O' shape, Lucinda said, "Girl.. you are already calling Aunt Smith as Mom."

"Yup.. Both of Reuben's parents asked me to call them as Mom and Dad.. Also same with my parents.. They also told Reuben to regard them like I do." Veronica blushingly said.

Coming out of the shock, Lucinda hooked her arms around Veronica's and cheekily smiled, "So both you and Reuben are calling each other's parents Mom and Dad..?? No more uncle and aunty?"

Veronica nodded her head in response and uttered a single word, "Yes.."

"Gosh..!! Seems like there is not much time left for me to attend your wedding.." She teasingly said.

Raising her eyebrows, Veronica moved towards Lucinda's ear and whispered, "But what I feel like that your and Henry's wedding will be before mine. You know everything thing is possible in this small world.."

Lucinda's cheeks became red at Veronica's statement and she said, "Focus on shopping.."

Veronica laughed and focused on finding a dress for herself. Her eyes caught a glimpse of a peach colored dress which had a black ribbon in the waist in a butterfly shape.

Without thinking too much, she knew this is the one for her and she bought it.

Lucinda also chose an orange gown for herself and the girls came out from the shop with lots of shopping bags.


Men's Shop

After buying their fathers' suit, Lucinda dragged Veronica to the leftmost side of the shop where a varieties of tuxedos were displayed in a big glass showcase.

Veronica inspected Lucinda like a hawk and asked, "Why did you bring me here and why are you so excited?"

"Hehehe.. Actually Vero The thing is that I want to buy a tux.." Lucinda sheepishly smiled..

"But you don't wear tux.. Or have you changed your dressing style from women's to men's..?" Veronica teased.

"Stop it Vero.. You clearly know for whom I am buying this.." Lucinda pouted.

"Okay okay.. I also have to buy one for my dear boyfy.. So let's buy together." Veronica said grinning widely...


30 minutes later

Both Veronica and Lucinda were out of the mall holding many shopping bags.. Their driver helped them to carry the bags and then they left the place together..