My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 46

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 46 I Didnt Notice You

Reuben called Veronica when they were buying the tuxedos for their boyfriends, to inform them to come at 'FUSION' for dinner. He also said to inform Lucinda that Henry would also be joining them so they could send the driver back home after dropping them at Fusion...

That's why they were heading now to Fusion

They didn't enter by the special gate as Reuben and Henry wasn't with them. So they just took the main gate to enter.

While entering, Veronica collided with a man at the gate.

She immediately apologized to the man, "Sorry sir.. I didn't notice you.."

The man quickly peeked at her after listening to the familiar voice and was stunned to see the girl there.

He couldn't response in time and because of that, Veronica got dragged inside by Lucinda.

Veronica was confused because she thought that she saw the man before somewhere but couldn't recall it

Lucinda nudged her when she saw her friend was in her own world as she asked, "What happened Vero? Why are you not answering me if we're going to the top floor or not?"

Veronica came out of her own world and shook her head, "No nothing.. It's just that I thought that the man I collided with now, was quite familiar.."

"Is that so?" Lucinda asked looking back at the gate to find the man.

"Leave it.. And yes, we're going to our usual place.. The top floor.." Veronica said and entered the elevator.


Inside a Range Rover

Alonzo was sitting in the back seat, looking outside of the window, towards the entrance of the restaurant

He started to think what happened just few minutes ago...

He came to 'Fusion' for a meeting with one of his colleague to discuss about a project.

When he was coming out after finishing the meeting, he collided with a woman by accident. He didn't care about it before but when he listened to the girl's voice, he stopped and looked at her in amus.e.m.e.nt

"Sorry sir.. I didn't notice you.." The girl apologized.

Alonzo was stunned seeing her so close but before he could say something, another girl dragged Veronica from there

It was the first time after five years that Alonzo could see her from this close. Though it was nearly for some more seconds but he couldn't forget the confused yet cute look on her face

The night he attended the Smith's party, he saw her from far but today it was very close.

Moreover, seeing her furrowed expression, he was thinking to himself, 'Did she acknowledge me? Does she still remember me?'

His assistant Bill who was seating beside him, noticed his boss's grief expression. He then coughed awkwardly to regain his Boss's attention towards him

"Ahem Ahem.. Boss are you listening to me?"

"Huh? What are you saying before?" Alonzo came out of his trance as he asked.

Sighing deeply, Bill said, "Boss leave it now. I'll talk about it tomorrow. I saw you was dazed in your own thoughts from the time you got inside the car."

Stopping for some minutes, Bill again spoke up, "Are you still thinking about the moment Miss Veronica crashed with you? Sir if you want then please go inside and talk to her.."

Previously, Bill was near the gate when both Veronica and Alonzo collided with each other, so he saw everything. And he was the first one who broke Alonzo from his trance after his unexpected meeting with Veronica and then he brought Alonzo to his car...

Alonzo shook his head and replied, "No need.. let's go back to my apartment. I'm tired.. I want to rest for a while.." saying this, he closed his eyes to relax his mind


Veronica and Lucinda got out from the elevator and walked through the hallway..

But when both of them arrived at the hall on the top floor, they became shocked, specially Lucinda..

Lucinda's mouth was gaped open by the view in front of her.