My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 47

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 47 I Have To Blindfold Myself

Lucinda's mouth was gaped open by the view there.

The whole room was decorated with colorful lights and balloons and some beautiful flowers.. There was a soothing sound of romantic music, that was playing in the room..

The whole room was very romantic and pleasant to eyes..

Lucinda was standing at the door in a shock and stiff position that she even forgot to blink..

Henry smiled seeing her expression and went to her. He then waved his hands in front of her to break her dazed state..

When Lucinda came back to her sense, Henry was already in front of her, holding both of her hands..

"Come inside baby.." Henry said.

Lucinda nodded her head and walked inside the hall room with Henry..

Veronica also followed them from behind and when she saw Reuben sitting on the sofa cross legged, with a smile on his face, she went near him..

Reuben raised his head to look at his cute and beautiful girlfriend and then stretching his hand towards her, he pulled her into his embrace, resulting Veronica to fall on his lap directly

As Veronica's soft butts touched Reuben's thigh, Reuben cupped her face and kissed her fiercely..

Veronica also didn't pull off and instead hold his shoulder firmly with her small hands, making the kiss deeper and stealthier..

As the couple were busy with their own sweet time, Henry cleared his throat awkwardly to break this couple's affectionate moment.

"Come on guys.. you can do this in your home. Don't forget that you guys have come here to celebrate our new relationship.. not to show your PDA..." Henry said while pointing at both of him and Lucinda.

Reuben behaved like he hadn't heard anything as he continued to kiss his dear girlfriend, whom he missed so much..

Though only nine or ten hours had passed after he drove her to her office and hadn't saw her for just a few hours but it was still huge amount of time for Reuben.

Same with Veronica..

She also left for her office for just mere hours but each and every single passing second, she never forget to miss Reuben and always thought of him while working or eating or doing other things.. She really missed him very much with all of her heart and mind...

So she didn't oblige to Reuben's kisses, moreover she helped him to get access of her mouth by opening her teeth so that he could enter his tongue and explore her inner mouth..

Henry shook his head in annoyance but he smiled broadly when a kiss fell on his cheeks.

Seeing Veronica and Reuben being intimate with each other without any care of this world, she also somehow got courage and brushed her pink lips on Henry's cheek..

Seeing that his girl took the initiative at first, Henry's lips curved up and he turned to face his new girlfriend..

He softly said, "Only a peck on my cheek can't make me satisfied Lucy.. I need more"

Lucinda noticed his teasing expression and was about to say something when her lips were devoured by Henry..

At first, she didn't respond to the kiss, but when Henry softly nibbled on her lips, she wrapped her hands around Henry's neck and returned his kiss..

Veronica and Reuben looked at the new couple side-eyedly without breaking their kisses and smiled to themselves and then again started kissing each other more passionately..

"I think.. from now on, I have to blindfold myself before meeting you guys.. You both couples are behaving like some hungry animals that I felt like my eyes her hurting to death.." Suddenly a voice rang into the huge room..

Lucinda's eyes widened hearing the voice and she paused for a whole few seconds..

Quickly pulling away from Henry's kiss, she turned her head towards the source of that voice..

And just by looking at the person who just spoke up, Lucinda's forehead drenched in sweat and her face paled in white like a white paper sheet as she trembled nervously..