My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 48

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 48 Dare To Play With Me?..

Just by looking at the person, Lucinda's forehead drenched in sweat and her face paled like a white paper sheet as she trembled nervously..

After some seconds...

"Bro.. Brother" Lucinda literally forced herself to utter this single word, after seeing the person in front of her..

Yes, the person who was standing in front of them is none other than Lucinda's elder brother, Neil Wilson, who is also Henry and Reuben's childhood friend and school / college buddies.

Hearing Neil's voice, Reuben left Veronica's lips but still hold her in his lap..

Veronica was equally shocked like Lucinda after seeing Neil. So she turned her head towards Reuben and raised both of her eyebrows, as if asking, 'What is he doing here?'

Reuben caressed her waist with his right hand and showed her his perfect white teeth in an assured smile..

Veronica understood that there was nothing more to worry about how Neil would behave after seeing her bestie with Henry and moreover that they were kissing each other passionately..

But Reuben's single gaze and smile is enough for her to understand the whole circ.u.mstances..

She then also smiled at him and leaned her head on Reuben's shoulder. Whereas Reuben was busy running his hands through her hair.


Neil looked straightly to his little sister with fire in his eyes.

He then strode towards Lucinda angrily and pulled her away from Henry's arms.

Henry let her go from his embrace and pursed his lips stolidly. He didn't say anything but just stared at the brother and sister pair calmly..

"How dare you Lucinda? Is this what me and our parents taught you? You are hugging a man so intimately and kissing him in front of others without any shame? Have you also become shameless like these two?" Neil eyed at the couple who were sitting in each other's arms as if nothing had happened..

Veronica shot him a glare and puffed her cheeks in anger, whereas Reuben sat there with a stoic expression on his face.

"Bro.. brother.. I'm sorry.. But I really love Henry.. I can't live without him.. Please don't be angry. I'll explain everything to you later. Just please calm down now." Lucinda begged while her tears started to fall from her eyes.

Henry quickly rushed towards her and hugged her side-wise to comfort her.

"Enough Neil.. You can't scold my girlfriend like that. You don't have any right to do so." Henry shouted.

"What? Your girlfriend? I haven't approved of it yet. And the most important thing is she is my little sister before your girlfriend." Neil gritted his teeth and caught Henry's collar before raising his hand to give Henry a punch..

"Brother please leave him. It was not his fault." Lucinda cried miserably.

Neil again tried to punch Henry on his face, but before he could do that, Veronica's cold yet loud voice surrounded the whole room

"Stop it both of you. Are you both a kid?" Veronica yelled as she stood up from Reuben's lap and went near Lucinda.

Lazily lying on the sofa, Reuben watched the whole show that was enfolding in front of him and enjoyed the fun..

"But he just kissed my sister" Neil tried to put out his point of view.

Veronica glared icily at both Henry and Neil as she spoke, "Do you think I'm a fool? I know what are you guys doing here.. So stop your stupid acting.."

Lucinda looked at her brother and boyfriend and lastly at her best friend as she asked confusedly, "Acting???"

"Yes Acting Your stupid brother and boyfriend were acting in front of you to bully you. They were not at all fighting seriously. It was just a simple drama that they falsely made." Veronica replied.


An hour ago..

Neil came at Fusion and was amazed by seeing the decorations..

He made him seated on the sofa and asked Reuben, "Have you planned all this for Vero again?"

Reuben shook his head and replied, "No.. I haven't."

"Then? Who did this?" Neil asked.

Without answering, Reuben just pointed his chin towards Henry who was covered in a cold sweat.

Neil narrowed his eyes at him and said, "You.. Did you find yourself a girlfriend? If you have then who is she?"

Henry gulped and stuttered, "I.. I'll tell you.. But.. But you have to promise me that you won't kill me after that."

"Okay. I promise. But who is that stupid girl who fell in love with you.." He mocked.

Henry shivered, but before he could open his mouth, Reuben smirked, "Well, that stupid girl is none other than your own sister, Lucinda.."

Hearing this, Neil's eyes widened and he shot death arrows by his glare on Henry..

Getting scared of Neil, Henry said, "Bro.. Please trust me. I love Lucy a lot. She is my life. I had been loving her for four years. Trust me Neil.. I'll never hurt her and will give her all the happiness of the world."

Neil kept his silence for whole five minutes, without responding and showing Henry a gloomy face, which made Henry more nervous and tensed.

As Henry was arranging something in his brain which would help him to console Neil... both Reuben and Neil burst in laughter..

Henry stared at them in puzzlement with a question, showing on his face.. He then looked at Reuben, asking for an answer for their sudden laughter. Reuben just shrugged his shoulders in response, while Neil said, "Bro.. I already know it from first that you love my sister but never got the courage to ask her out. And I also know this that no one can be better than you for my little sister. I'm very happy for both of you."

Sighing in a relief, Henry hugged Neil and said, "Thanks bro. you almost forced me to death by your stoic expression."

"I know right. But I have a condition." Neil said.

"What's that?" Henry enquired.

Reuben then grinned as he spoke up, "You have to play an act with Neil.."


Back to present...

Lucinda's eyes were now hot as a burning coal as she looked at the two boys..

"Sis sorry.."

"Baby sorry.."

Both Neil and Henry apologized at the same time.

"Both of you.. I'll kill you today.. How you guys dare to trick me and scare me to death?" saying this, she chased towards both of them.

Henry and Neil ran around the hall in fright of losing their dear life and after chasing for nearly fifteen minutes Lucinda caught hold of Henry and started to hit him..

Veronica shook her head and sat beside her boyfriend. Reuben encircled his hand on her shoulder and watched the whole drama.

Beating Henry hard, Lucinda chased behind her elder brother..

While running to save himself from his sister, Neil suddenly bumped into a person and to prevent the person to fall on the floor he quickly hold her waist tightly

When Neil's eyes fell onto the girl in his arms, he became surprised