My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 49

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 49 Behaving Like A Love Sick Fool

While running Neil suddenly bumped into a person and to prevent the person to fall on the floor, he quickly hold her waist tightly

When Neil's eyes fell onto the girl in his arms, he became surprised

He helped the girl to stand properly and then made some distance from her..

"Sorry that I didn't notice you and bumped into you." Neil immediately apologized.

"It's okay. It was also my fault." Willa replied.

"Oh.. Stop your 'sorry' things. Let's go inside. Tasty foods are calling me." Came Louis's voice from behind Willa.

Louis came inside passing both Neil and Lucinda and exclaimed loudly, "So guys did you miss me?"

Veronica rolled her eyes when she saw Louis whereas Reuben didn't even give a damn to him. He just continued to play with Veronica's hair.

On the other side, Lucinda harrumphed at Louis and ran towards Willa, hugging her tightly, she said, "Oh God Willa ! We're meeting after so many days. Come let's go inside."

Willa nodded and headed inside before sitting on the sofa.

Louis already took his seat and started eating some strawberries that was placed on the table. Neil sat beside Willa and hold a glass of wine to drink.

Lucinda took a seat beside Henry and spoke, looking at everyone, "So you guys all planned it to surprise me, right?"

Reuben who was sitting quiet all the time, looked at Henry, "Well my best friend really was good at planning all these. I think he got the good habits from me."

Henry chuckled at Reuben's words, as he said, "That's right bro. You indeed taught me all these things like how to appease and surprise your girl..."

The dinner was served and everyone started to eat but Louis was the one who literally tried to rob the foods.

When his hand reached towards the plate of Lemon steak, a hand grabbed his hand and snatched the steak from him

Henry looked at the food snatcher and tried to complain, "Bro, why did you snatch my food?"

Reuben glared at Henry and said in a cold tone, "This is one of Veronica's favorite food. So don't even think about it."

Then he started slicing the steak for his beloved and fed her lovingly..

Being defeated by Reuben, he tried to take the fried chicken when another hand stopped him.

Henry said, "It's the last one left and Lucinda wants to eat it. So try another dish."

Louis was dumbfounded by these two boys' reactions and grumbled in irritation, "One wasn't enough but another one started feeding us dog foods I just can't take it more.. Humphhhh!!"

"Yes.. That even more when we are lonely dogs.." Neil also joined with Henry.

"Pffft Hahaha"

Everyone burst in laughter listening both of the single boys' complain and Lucinda said while laughing, "Bro, are you calling yourself a dog now?"

"You.. you stop laughing. We're expressing our sorrow to you guys and you are now mocking us." Louis harrumphed.

"So what can we do to please you? Should we stop pampering our girls just because you guys are single... In your dreams!!" Reuben mocked.

"Why don't you guys find yourself a girlfriend? You know it feels good to have one by your side." Henry said and intertwined his fingers with Lucinda.

Louis yelled, "You just got into a relationship recently and already behaving like a love sick fool?"

Veronica ignored Louis' stupid blabbering and asked Willa, "So what about you? Have anything progressed between you and Sam?"

Neil's grip tightened around the glass that he was holding and he stared at Willa.

Willa blushed and replied shyly, "Actually Vero.. I haven't told you this. Sam.. Sam.. He proposed me yesterday and I accepted it."

"Woah girl!! How could you not tell me this big news?" Veronica and Lucinda said at the same time and hugged Willa from both side.

"We're so happy for you." Lucinda said.

"Yup.. Me too. And I'm more happy because that Sam finally proposed you after two years." Veronica said.

Louis stayed busy eating his food as Willa already told him about this while coming for the dinner party.

Whereas, Neil's hand pressed the glass so tightly that it could almost break if Henry didn't nudged his shoulder.

Reuben looked at Neil's stoic and gloomy expression and smirked inwardly...

After dinner, everyone left FUSION. Veronica asked Neil to drop Willa to her home as both of their apartment are in same way, before she left with Reuben.

Lucinda went with Henry as Louis's place was in totally different way. So Willa agreed to go with Neil as she hadn't also brought her car with her and let Neil drop her off