My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 5

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 5 The Mysterious Man

After lunch, Veronica ran towards her bed and jumped onto it giving a slight bounce to her body as the mattress was very thick and soft..When her head hit the soft pillow, she immediately fell asleep due to her exhaustion..

When the sun set down, a loud ringing sound came from her phone that woke the sleeping beauty up. She grunted sleepily because of the disturbance in her sleep and then picked up her phone from the bedside table.

"Yaaa....Niccy." came a loud voice from the other side of the phone..

Veronica kept her phone far away from her ear as she couldn't bear the loud sound and said angrily, " Lucinda Wilson.!! You better lower your voice otherwise it'll be no more time to turn me into a deaf person."

Realising her friend's bad mood through her husky voice, Veronica's best friend Lucinda exclaimed, "Oh! Baby, were you sleeping? Did I disturb your beauty sleep? Sorry if I really did it."

"It's okay girl. Cool down. Now tell me why did you call me. Hearing your excited voice I can easily tell that there is something cooking in your little head. So speak up." Veronica said rubbing her eyes..

"He he he" giving an awkward smile to Veronica, Lucinda continued " Yes,yes, Niccy. You are right that I've something very important to tell you. So I'm starting now."

"Hmm.. tell me now Lucy" Veronica said.

"You remember nah that tomorrow is the party of the Smith family?" Lucinda asked.

"Why everybody is asking me the same question??" Veronica shouted feeling annoyed.

" Eh Niccy, don't be angry now. I was just asking you. By the way, have you prepared any dress for yourself?

"Yeah.. I just went for shopping with Mom today morning. So I bought one from there. And what about you? Did you pick anything for yourself?" Veronica questioned her back.

"Yup.. I also bought a dress. Actually not one but three dresses. And now I'm very confused about what to wear in the party and that is the main reason I called you " Lucinda said somehow being frightened of her friend as she knew when her bestie would listen to her reason of calling; she would burst on her. And as she expected....

"What???? Three dresses just for one party!! Are you crazy Lucy?" Veronica cursed her angrily.

Lucinda tensed up because of the outburst of her friend, then she tried to cool down Veronica, "Niccy please don't be angry. You know why I'm doing all these. After all tomorrow will be the time when I'll meet my prince charming after one month. You already know that he went out of the country for a business trip and came back just one week ago. But I couldn't meet him because of his so called busy schedule. So I want to impress him tomorrow by looking gorgeous. Now I want to see, how long he will try to avoid me. Hmph!!!"

Listening to Lucinda's cute nagging Veronica gave a chuckle and said, " Yup, now I understand for whom the great Miss Wilson is trying so hard to dress up. So now tell me how do you want me to help you."

"Nothing much baby, just help me to select a beautiful dress for tomorrow. I'm sending you the pictures of those three dresses."

After receiving the pictures Veronica scrutinized each and every dress carefully. First one was a knee length black gown which has a turtle neck with long sleeves. Second one was a yellow V-neck long dress with a belt on the waist part and a beautiful lace flower was embroidered on the left chest. And the last one was a sea green A-line off shoulder dress which has a perfect slit on the left leg and a ribbon was present there to tie it around the neck. Without wasting any more time Veronica told Lucinda to wear the last one which she easily accepted as it was her favorite too.

"Thank you sweetie. You are the best. I was also thinking to wear this one. So let's see each other tomorrow. Bye now."

Finishing the call, Veronica went downstairs for dinner. After a heartful dinner she went back to her room and locked the door. Taking some night clothes with her, she entered the bathroom. After a relaxing bath she came out and started to do her daily skincare routine. When she was rubbing some moisturizer on her legs; her phone buzzed again indicating the arrival of a new message. She sat on her bed resting her head on the headboard and covered herself with a blanket. But when she opened the message she flushed with anger.

The massage was, " Have you already forgotten about me?"

"Who forgot about whom? Isn't it the question I should ask you instead Mr. ??" Veronica questioned back.

"How can I forget about the person who keeps my mind flooded with her memories." The Man replied.

"Yeah, whatever!! If you didn't forget about me, then you would at least call me after coming back from your so called business trip." Veronica gritted her teeth out of anger.

"Your face is flushing red with anger now. It's looking really red as a tomato. Cool down baby otherwise it'll be not good for your health." The man messaged.

Reading the message, Veronica's lips curled up in a beautiful smile thinking how could he understand her so much even when he was not with her; he could easily describe her facial expressions.

" if you don't want my health to get worsen up then let me sleep. Good night." Then she switched off her phone and slept off.

On the other side, the man gave out a gentle chuckle and murmured lowly, " Good night love. We'll meet tomorrow. I can't wait to see you after so many days." Then he also kept his phone aside and drifted off to sleep.