My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 50

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 50 Thinking Too Much

Outside the building of Willa's Apartment

Willa came out of the car and Neil followed her outside.

"Thanks for dropping me today." Willa said.

"Your welcome." Neil casually replied.

Thinking for some while, Will asked, "If you don't mind, would you like to come inside and have a cup of coffee?"

Pretending to be in a great thought, Neil agreed and followed her to her apartment. Willa pressed the passcode and entered her flat and welcomed Neil inside.

"You sit here on the sofa. I'll quickly make a coffee for you." Willa rushed towards the kitchen after taking off her coat and keeping it on the center table along with her purse.

Neil sat on the sofa and observed the whole flat with interest.

He then saw a picture of a small girl around age five, standing between her parents. She had a big smile on her face and her hair was long.

He guessed it was Willa by the features of her face and continued to distinguish other things. As it was his first time coming here, he felt quite amusing by the whole decoration of the apartment.

It was neatly organized and clean. No one would guess that a single woman was living there, because though the flat is quite big with three bedroom, one big hall, dining room and a kitchen, it still felt quite homely.

There was some kind of warmth spread around the whole apartment that he couldn't clarify about the sense of this special warmness.

While he was busy, staring at one of the memento beside the flower vase, Willa came outside of the kitchen, holding two coffee mugs in her both hands.

"Your coffee.." Willa muttered.

Neil turned towards her and took the coffee mug from her hand and seated himself on the sofa.

"Your place is quite beautiful." Neil said before sipping the coffee.

"And the coffee is also very good." He added.

Smiling at him, Willa replied, "Thanks.."

Staying silence for about two minutes, Neil again spoke out, "If you don't mind.. can I ask you a question?"

Willa who was drinking her coffee moved her eyes on Neil in confusion and said, "Yeah.. Sure.."

Contemplating for some time, he blurted out, "While we were having dinner tonight, you told us that you got into a relationship with some Sam guy."

Pausing for a while he continued, "So are you happy with him?"

At first, Willa was a little shocked about the sudden question but she recovered from it soon and replied, "Yeah.. I'm very happy with him. Actually we have known each other for many years as friends but suddenly we both felt something more than it. So when he finally confessed to me yesterday, I was so excited and accepted his proposal immediately." Willa blushed hard after saying this.

"Oh.. That's the thing." Neil awkwardly said.

Neil was silent for sometimes, thinking about if he should ask her the next question or not.

Pondering for some more time, he couldn't hold his mouth shut and asked, "What does Sam do? I mean his job and other things like.. how you guys met.."

"Well he works as an employee of the management department of some company. And we met at my cousin's wedding and after that we fell in love with each other." Willa said.

Neil felt a needle pricked in his heart and the pain was intolerable for him.

Without wanting to listen more about Sam and her, he quickly finished the coffee and got up from his seat.

"Hmm.. Well, it's already so late. I have to go now. We will talk later. Bye.." Neil hurriedly said.

Being surprised again with his sudden behavior, Willa awkwardly nodded her head and said, "Yeah.. Bye.. See you soon. I'll send you to the elevator."

After bidding goodbye when Neil left, Willa walked in her bathroom and quickly taking a warm bath, she laid on her bed...

Thinking about Neil's behavior that day, she suddenly felt that something was wrong with him which she couldn't identify. He never behaved this awkwardly before today. Then why suddenly now?

He seemed to be sad by looking at his expression, when she was telling about her and Sam's story, but she then shook her head in refutation.

Maybe, she was thinking too much

Repeating this sentence in her mind, she dozed off to sleep..