My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 51

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 51 Regard Veronica As Young Madam

Friday evening

The past four days went smoothly for everyone. Veronica already informed her parents and future in-laws not to buy any dress for themselves as she already had bought for them. They all were very happy specially the Smith Couple.

As the party is on the next day, Veronica decided to go to the Smith's house to personally deliver their dresses. She was so much busy with her work that she couldn't visit them any day of this whole week.

She only could gave the dress and suits to her parents because she had to visit a studio near the Lopez Mansion. That's why, she could go there to give them their gifts and only spent 30 minutes of her busy time there.

Reuben would come to pick her up from her office and both of them would go together in the Smith's Mansion as per Reuben's mother's wish.

As Veronica had been dropped by Reuben at Creation this morning, so she kept both of her in-laws' presents in Reuben's car.

As promised, Reuben came to pick her up today in the early evening. Veronica took an early leave of one hour as well as Reuben. They both drove off to their destination after Veronica hopped in the car.

Inside the car, Veronica was fidgeting with her seatbelt continuously. Reuben noticed that and understood that his dear girlfriend is none other than very much nervous.

Chuckling lightly, he hold her hand that was roaming over the seatbelt and kissed her knuckles, "Why are you so nervous? It's not like you are going to the Smith's Mansion for the first time.."

Leaving a deep sigh, Veronica replied, "I know that this is not my first time as Veronica But this is my first time as your girlfriend So I'm really very nervous. Moreover, how could you say this to me Bennie when you were also nervous before going to the last family dinner in my parent's home?" She raised her eyebrows vertically.

Grinning widely, Reuben tightened his hold on Veronica's hand and soothed her, "Don't worry about anything Ica.. Your Bennie is always beside you.."

Veronica smiled at him and leaned her head on his shoulder as she replied, "I know that honey"


Smith's Mansion

The whole dining hall, living room and mostly the kitchen were bustling in tension and anxiousness. Everyone was busy with their work and maids were all running from here to there..

"Quick.. Quick.. Quick.. Everyone do your work more quickly. My daughter in law will come in no time.." Mrs. Smith was giving everyone order about what to do or not to do.

"Is the dinner ready? You have made all of Veronica's favourite dishes, right?" Victoria asked one of the cook.

The cook politely said, "Yes ma'am. Everything is ready.. I already put the batter of the chocolate mousse in the oven. It will be done soon and I'll freeze it then. So you don't have to worry ma'am, everything will be prepared before young master and young miss come here."

Victoria nodded after looking at all the preparations and said, "Hmm Good. And one more thing.. Regard Veronica as Young Madam from now on.. She is going to be my daughter in law soon." She clapped her hands in excitement and happiness.

Coming back in the living room, Mrs. Smith saw a maid to put some Jasmine flowers in the flower vase. She then promptly scolded the maid, "Why are you putting Jasmine there? You should decorate the vase with Lilies and Dahlias. Veronica like these flowers more than jasmines."

Mr. Smith who was sitting in the living room while watching some business news sighed and said, "Relax honey.. Don't scold them. They are doing their best to decorate the whole mansion as per your request."

Sitting beside her husband, Mrs. Smith said, "I know that I'm being unreasonable but what can I do..!! After all my daughter in law is coming for the first time after they committed their relationship."

Smiling at his wife, Mr. Smith replied, "Yes.. It really feels awesome. I can't imagine that Vero will be our house's future madam. So let's wait for our princess's arrival."

Mrs. Smith smiled at her husband and said, "Yes.. My Vero will be the future madam of this house. So I had made all the arrangements regarding her choice."

"Woah!! I can't believe this. Every decorations here is only for your princess.. Seems like no one cares about their prince anymore" a jealous voice came from the door.