My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 52

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 52 Not As Valuable As Before

"Woah!! I can't believe this. Every decorations here is only for your princess.. Seems like no one cares about their prince anymore" a jealous voice came from the door.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith gazed at the person who was standing at the door and their faces bloomed into big smiles..

Well, they smiled not because seeing the jealous person.. but seeing the girl beside him..

Veronica was all in smile in her face, whereas Reuben had a sorrowful face, holding some of the paper bags.

"You guys have already come" Mother Smith rushed to hug them.

Holding Veronica's hand, she said, "Come inside.. Don't stay there standing for the whole time." And took her in the living room, completely ignoring her own son..

Pouting, Reuben followed his mother and girlfriend inside where he saw his father was hugging Veronica and patting her head adorably..

"Ah.. My princess has finally come. I'm so happy. Come princess. Sit beside me." Mr. Smith said kissing Veronica's forehead.

Veronica sat beside father Smith and Reuben took a seat beside her. He then kept the bags on the floor and voiced out, "It feels like I'm invisible in front of you guys. There is only Veronica and Veronica everywhere. Humph!!"

Father Smith teased him, "Obviously, it'll be only my princess everywhere. By the way, who are you? I can't recognize you properly."

Reuben pouted, "Mom.. Look how your husband is bullying me."

Mother Smith laughed and ordered the maid to bring some juice for them.

After finishing the glass of juice, Veronica handed the presents to Reuben's parents and said, "I hope both of you will like it. I personally bought the dresses for you when I went to buy for my parents."

Both Mr. and Mrs. Smith were very happy about the thoughtfulness of Veronica and they smiled at her lovingly.

They opened the package box and both of them were astonished to see the dress and suit that Veronica had brought for them.

Mr. Smith exclaimed, "Oh my God princess. The suit is just amazing. This bastard hadn't ever bought me one in this lifetime."

"Yeah.. My gown is also very beautiful darling. Your choice is really the best. I always envied your mother when I saw her to wear the dresses you have bought for her.. But now I'm finally very happy that I got you as my daughter in law. Thanks sweetie for your so much consideration for us.." Mrs. Smith kissed Veronica's cheek.

Veronica smiled and replied, "Then you don't have to worry, whenever I'll be free, I'll try to shop for you guys for any kind of occasion"

After chatting for some more time, they all headed to the dining hall for dinner.

When the maids started to serve foods on everyone's plates, Reuben sighed and complained, "Now even all the dishes made by the chefs are Ica's favourite. I can't see even a single dish which I love to eat. Previously, whenever I returned home, the table would be full with all my favorite dishes, but now there is none."

Everyone rolled their eyes at Reuben's over exaggerating words and the maids all chuckled seeing their young master complaining like a child.

Veronica mocked him, "Isn't it quite predictable Bennie? After all Mom and Dad love me more than you. So they prioritize my choice of foods over you. So stop your over acting drama and eat your dinner silently."

Mother Smith joined her beloved daughter in law in mocking her own son, "Yes, Vero is right. From today, everything in this house will be happened as per her choice. You are not as valuable as before to us now. So get used to all this things as soon as possible"

Though Reuben was very happy inwardly by his parents' unconditional love for Veronica, but he still acted of being hurt and continued bickering.

After the harmonious dinner, Veronica and Reuben got ready to leave. Mr. and Mrs. Smith asked them to come more often there, for which they easily agreed and promised to visit them often..