My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 53

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 53 Red Blue And Purple

Next Morning

It was already 10 am but Veronica was still sleeping. Reuben came in the bedroom with a tray in his hand with full of foods.

He kept the tray on the center table and sat at the edge of the bed. He then removed the hair strands that were covering Veronica's small face and caressed her cheeks.

Pecking her lips, he whispered in her ear, "Good morning Babe.. Wake up now. I already made the breakfast. So get up quickly and clean your face."

Veronica moved her head from the pillow and placed it on Reuben's lap, rubbing it on his thigh gently like a little kitten..

Chuckling at her cute behavior, Reuben brushed her hair with his fingers and said, "Aww.. My little kitten is being too much clingy today. And I like it very much." As he leaned down to kiss her head.

Rubbing her face in Reuben's belly, Veronica replied in a hoarse voice, "Good morning baby.."

"Hmm.. A very good morning. Now don't be a lazy body and quickly freshen up." Reuben said.

Veronica's eyes that were shut tightly, instantly flew opened at Reuben's words and she sat up from the bed straightly, holding the blanket around her body.

She glared at him and spoke in a angry voice, "What? Lazy body? Me? Have you gone crazy Mr. Reuben Smith or do you want me to beat the shit out of you?"

Breathing heavily, she continued, "Last night, who was the person who tossed and turned me on the bed through the whole night? And only let me sleep before the sunrise?"

Controlling his laughter very hardly, Reuben feigned a face of innocence as he replied, "Babe.. What are you saying? Don't lie about this kind of indecent things at the start of a fresh morning?"

Veronica's eyes widened and her mouth opened widely in total shock. She left a huge and deep breath and again looked at the 'so called innocent face' in front of her fiercely. Right then, she didn't want anything without strangling this innocent face in front of hers..

Then she turned her head down to observe her own body. She was only covered with a single blanket and hadn't wore anything under the blanket. So she was practically n.a.k.e.d and her full body was covered with different types and sizes of hickeys...

She then smiled devilishly and moved close to Reuben. She then pressed her body on his left shoulder and stroked his right cheek with her one hand as her other hand was holding the blanket tightly.

"Really Bennieee? Are you sure about what you said?" She seductively whispered in his ear.

Reuben knew that his girlfriend had already planned something to torture him. So to avoid any of her ruthless torture, he quickly took the food tray in his hand and placed it on the bed, saying, "Babe. It's already past 10 am. So have your breakfast first."

Ignoring his words completely Veronica kissed his earlobe and whispered again more softly and seductively, "Seems like you really forgot what you did last night. You also forgot how you made all these red, blue and purple hickeys on my body. So I've to make you remember that."

After completing what she wanted to say, she make a space between both of them and removed the blanket from her body and continued staring at Reuben with a mocking smile on her face, "Now tell me, if you can remember anything about last night."

Reuben gulped seeing her n.a.k.e.d upper body which was completely covered with a lot of hickeys that he had made with very passion last night, specially her chest and b.r.e.a.s.t area..

"Remembered now baby?" Veronica whispered in front of his lips and then kissed him

Without expecting the sudden kiss, Reuben paused and then regaining his senses, he kissed her hungrily, while his hands found its way towards Veronica's bare b.r.e.a.s.t and fondled them

When Reuben almost lost his control, Veronica easily pushed him away and took the plate of food from the bed.

Covering herself with the blanket properly again, Veronica cheekily smiled at him and said, "Hehehe.. I'm hungry honey. So I've to fill my tummy now.." saying this, she took a bite of the sandwich.

Stunned by the sudden turn of events, Reuben sat there blankly and later he understood that he was being fooled and played by his girlfriend. He shook his head and also started to eat his food with his girlfriend.