My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 54

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 54 Inauguration Party

As it was Saturday, so Veronica had to go back to the Lopez Mansion before lunch time. As she would be attending the Brown Corporation's inauguration party with her family, so she decided to visit her parents early.

Reuben had dropped her in her parents' home before driving to the Smith's Mansion as he would also go there with his parents.

After eating lunch with her parents, she talked about how Reuben and her relationship is progressing day by day, but didn't reveal about the thing of their live-in relationship for the past three and a half years..

And the reason was... both Veronica and Reuben decided to share the news when both of their parents would be present together with them, more like on an special occasion..


In the evening

Veronica got dressed up and came down to her parents who were already awaiting there for their daughter.

Complementing each other for quite some time, they drove to the party location which was none other than a beautiful five star hotel.

While they were in the car, Veronica texted Reuben that she was on the way to the party and also asked if he was ready or if the tux that she bought for him was fitted perfectly on him.

Though Reuben already saw his tuxedo but he couldn't try it on because of his busy schedule and whenever he came back home after his office, he would forget to do so as he was too much busy with being lovey-dovey with Veronica all the time..

Reuben texted her back, "The tux fits me perfectly and I'm looking very handsome honey. It's just I'm being impatient to see my girl in her gown."

Veronica smiled after reading the message and replied him back, "Me too.. I also want to see you badly. So let's meet in the party."


In the five star hotel

Alonzo was attending the guests with his other family members. His parents, grandmother and little sister had already arrived in City S in the morning and stayed at the same hotel, in which the party was being held on.

When he was busy talking with everybody, his father brought someone to meet with him. When Alonzo saw the person, his face remained expressionless but still he greeted him respectfully, "Hello Mr. Parker. Thanks for coming here in our inauguration party."

"Your welcome Alonzo. How can't I attend the party of my future son-in-law's company? Obviously we have to come." Mr. Parker said and patted Alonzo's shoulder.

The person before Alonzo was none other than Mr. Robert Parker, the chairman of Parker Textiles..

He came there with his wife Mrs. Jennie Parker in the same morning and stayed in the same hotel as Brown family.

Alonzo didn't response to him and stayed as stoic as ever. He was clearly not at all happy by being called 'son-in-law' by Mr. Parker.

As he never wanted to marry their daughter, he never show any type of special hostility towards them. He always treated them like how he treated his other colleagues.

Mr. Porter Brown was not happy with his son's behavior and as a result, he shot Alonzo a sharp glare.

To cover the awkwardness, he said, "Our whole family is very happy that you took out some of your precious time from your busy schedule to attend the party.. But it is bad that my future daughter in law couldn't come here."

"Regina was very eager to attend the party but at the last moment, an urgent call came about her work. That's why she couldn't come today. But she asked me to greet everyone on the behalf of her." Mrs. Parker said as she hold the hands of her husband, Mr. Parker.

"Such a good child.. Though she couldn't come but still sent us her good wishes." Mrs. Brown praised about Regina.

Alonzo ignored their stupid conversation and instead asked, "Why haven't Cole come today? How much I know about him, he doesn't have any important work today."

Mrs. Parker replied, "Oh.. He is not well son. He's a little sick, so he couldn't come."

Alonzo nodded but someone else's facial expression had changed completely after listening it