My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 55

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 55 Winner Of Good Looks

Alonzo nodded but someone else's facial expression changed after listening it

Myra wasn't taking any care of the whole conversation between her family and the Parker's family.

As she didn't like Regina at all, she was also not interested in any talk about her. Even if anything would depend on her choices, she would make sure to break the engagement between her brother and Regina.

She very well knew, what type of girl Regina was and the kind and gentle attitude she portraited in front of the Brown elders are nothing but an act of her. It was one of Regina's a huge lie a big facade

But her attention got snatched by them when their family started to talk about Regina's elder brother Cole.. And when she heard that Cole was sick, her face also became pale with tension.. She thought in her mind to know about Cole's health later..

Everyone in the party were busy with their own talks talking about their businesses, women showing off their dresses and jewelleries, when the entrance door suddenly buzzed in crowd

The noises become louder and louder and the crowds, specially the reporters went crazy over some people. Everyone inside the party hall looked towards the door to see the reason of this sudden hussles. And very soon the reason got revealed in front of everyone's eyes

Mr. and Mrs. Smith entered the hall room, with a perfect smile on their face. They were holding each other's arms and looking extremely beautiful in their burgundy color gown and suit..

As they were the richest businessman of the country K, everyone invited in the party were amazed to see them in the new businessman of country K, Mr. Alonzo Brown's party..

But all the gaze shifted to another direction after five minutes, when three handsome hunks with aloof and cold aura stepped their foot on the carpet of the hall..

The three overbearing, handsome men are none other than the famous Neil Wilson, Henry Johnson and last but not the least, the no. 1 bachelor of whole Asia, The Reuben Smith

Earlier, when Reuben was having lunch with his parents, his best friends joined him in a conference call to talk about the party and they had finally decided to attend the Brown's party together.

And here they are. Standing all proud and aloof at the hotel gate, attracting everyone's attention at free of cost

Neil was wearing a blue colored tailored suit, his black hair was combed back on his head with gel. He was wearing a dark brown color shoes, looking very handsome.

Henry looked the happiest person right now as he wore the tuxedo that his girlfriend had bought for him. He wore a sand colored tux with black tie and white shirt underneath. His hair was combed side-wise and his shoe was of black color..

In the between of the two handsome men, stood the tall and forbidding man in a dark violate color tuxedo with a light purple color shirt underneath it. The collar and the hem of the sleeves of the tuxedo had a piping of peach color. Even the tie that he wore was striped in dark violate and peach color.

This is how, Veronica chose Reuben's tux matching with her peach gown.

Though they would be wearing matching clothes but no one will be able to recognize it, without their close ones who knew about their relationship

Reuben's dark brown hair was combed in a horizontal way. Some of his bangs kept fallen on the left side of his forehead giving him a charming look. He wore the 'Pamerai Radiomor' watch that was given by Veronica's parents as a gift with a pair of black boots. All in one, he was looking extraordinarily stunning and strikingly handsome...

They walked inside the hall, snatching the attention of every guests specially the unmarried girls.

When Alonzo saw them entering, he went towards them and greeted them whereas his parents were busy greeting the Smiths, Johnson and Wilson elders who already had come before their children.

"Welcome Mr. Smith, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Johnson. Thanks for coming in my party." Alonzo greeted the three men.

The trio looked at Alonzo who was wearing a brown suit with his hair combed neatly on the right side. He was also looking very handsome as the other three. But if you compare him with Reuben, then the winner of good looks would definitely be the one and only Reuben Smith.

Though they both were equally handsome and it would be difficult to choose between them but the charisma that Reuben had always carried, was clearly missing in Alonzo. That is why every girl's first choice would be always Reuben..

Neil was the first one to greet Alonzo back, "Hello Mr. Brown. It's nice to meet you."

Then Henry added, "Yep, Congratulations on your new office in our city S."

Reuben was the last one to greet him, "Seems like you really had worked hard to organize the whole party. Wish you all the best for the future."

Alonzo replied to the three of them, "It's my honor that you excluded your precious time to attend my party. Hope you guys will enjoy it. And thanks for your good wishes. Hope we will collaborate soon."

The trio nodded at Alonzo as the four continued to talk about some business staffs after Alonzo offered them some alcohols..