My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 56

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 56 Goddesses From Heaven

The trio nodded at Alonzo as the four continued to talk about some business staffs after Alonzo offered them some alcohols..

Around fifteen minutes later, the main door of the hall again erupted in loud murmuring and flashes of cameras.

Again every eyes shifted towards the door to look at the next guests who caused such a big uproar..

As the three most handsome bachelors of country K had already arrived in the party, so everyone was quite curious to find about the new guests.

And finally, the internal questions in everyone's heart and mind got demolished when a middle aged couple entered the hall room followed by two beauties..

The Lopez couple came hooking their arms with each other in a black suit and crimson gown. They were complementing each other very well with their good looks.

But what caused the other guests mind to become raw. was the two beautiful girls who were right behind the Lopez couple and they are none other than the Goddesses of the Country K, The Veronica Lopez and Lucinda Wilson...

Lucinda was wearing a white mermaid gown with turtle neck. Her hair was tightly made in a ponytail and she matched her dress with a beautiful bracelet and pearl earrings and white heels.

Whereas, Veronica was wearing her peach color gown designed with a black ribbon, she paired it up with her black Krystal earrings and black heels

She wore a black watch on her left wrist and her light brown hair was curled softly, falling on her back loosely.

The two women were looking extremely gorgeous and graceful as like they directly descended from the Heaven..

The people's eyes were fixed on these two ladies and the boys were gawking on them like eagles..

But what made Veronica and Lucinda feel cold was none other than the deep gazes from four persons. Neil, Henry, Reuben and Alonzo..

As Lucinda and Veronica grew up together, so Neil treated Veronica as his little sister too. That's why when his two beautiful sisters came in, he felt protectiveness towards them..

On the other side, Reuben and Henry's gazes were totally different from Neil. They were not just staring at them.. but literally were inspecting them from their head to toe with hungry eyes..

However, the one gaze that was quite unreadable was of Alonzo's.. He was intently looking at the direction of the two girls or more like his eyes were fixed on the peach dressed woman, Veronica..

As for why Lucinda hadn't come with her parents and brother, was because it would be the first time she would attend a party after her and Henry's confession. So to not to loose her cool self, she asked Veronica to accompany her and she did so..

Alonzo excused himself from the three men and walked towards the Lopez couple to welcome them. He approached them and said, "Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Lopez.. Thanks for coming here."

"Hello young man. Nice to meet you. Hope you will do your best in City S business world." Mr. Lopez shook his hand with Alonzo as he greeted him back.

Thanking Mr. Lopez, his eyes shifted to the two ladies behind and said to them, "Hi Miss Lopez and Miss Wilson. Please enjoy the party."

Both of the girls nodded at him and gave him a polite smile as a response. But somehow Veronica felt that she saw him somewhere before but couldn't remember it. So she didn't bug about it and walked inside with her best friend.

Her eyes fell on Reuben and looked at his handsome figure. As Reuben was also staring at her, their eyes locked and both of their lips curved up in a smile.

Seeing her bestie was in a daze, Lucinda also followed her eyesight and saw Henry gaping at her flirtingly. She also looked at him with a shy face and blush in her cheeks.

Lucinda and Veronica's staring blocked when a waiter offered them some drinks. Taking some whiskey in their hands they talked with some of their school friends who also attended the party.


After talking with every guests, Alonzo sat beside his grandmother who was talking with Myra that time. His grandmother then focused her mind on her one and only grandson whose lips were faintly curled up.

Old Madam Brown asked him, "What happened my dear? Why your face is so gentle now? Actually.. don't tell me. Let me guess about the sudden change of your mood."

Thinking for a while, Madam Brown's eyes widened in surprise and she said excitedly, "Is.. Is the girl already here?"

Alonzo nodded his head and replied, "Yes grandma. She is here."

Myra who became confused about the sudden conversation, asked in curiosity, "Who are you talking about?"

Grandmother Brown replied, "You will know about the person soon."

She then turned towards Alonzo and said, "Quickly take me to that girl. I can't wait to meet her after so many years."