My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 57

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 57 Planning To Die Single

Madam Brown then turned towards Alonzo and said, "Quickly take me to that girl. I can't wait to meet her after so many years."

Alonzo smiled at his grandmother's eagerness, he said, "Wait grandma. She just came here. Give her some minutes to smile and laugh and then we will shock her." He evilly smiled.

Grandmother Brown frowned deeply and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Nothing grandma. I'll take you to her after five minutes. But you have to promise me that you will not create a scene there. She might not recognize us, so you have to keep your patience."

"Ah.. Don't worry about that. I'm not a kid whom you should give advice. Humph!!" Grandmother humphed.

Alonzo smiled and started finding the girl who was making his grandmother so much eager to see her. And then he finally found her

Veronica was now busy talking with the Smith's couple. The other prestigious families like Wilson and Johnson Family was also present there with Lopez family.

Mr. Wilson spoke, "I can't believe that our two daughters would grow up so beautifully."

Mr. Johnson then sighed, "Hmph.. How much I envy both of you for having such beautiful daughters. They are so good and well behaved." He said pointing towards father Wilson and father Lopez.

"I know that right. I can feel you totally. But now I also have a daughter." Mr. Smith chuckled slightly and side hugged Veronica.

Being confused both Mr. Johnson and Mr. Wilson asked at the same time, "What do you mean?"

This time, Father Lopez replied, "Well, that's a big secret."

As they were talking among themselves, their three sons also joined them.

"What are you guys talking about? Are you guys praising us?" Henry asked.

"Huh? Praise my foot. We were just now badmouthing about you. How many times I have told you to find a girlfriend but you didn't." Henry's father, Mr. Wilson scolded.

"Uncle , I don't think that you have to worry about that anymore." Reuben smirked.

Neil also teased, "Yes Uncle and Dad, you might not have to be tensed anymore about your precious son and daughter."

Again, both Henry and Lucinda's father questioned at the same time, "What do you guys mean by that?"

Reuben grinned and said, "You should ask this to Henry and Lucinda Uncles."

Henry who was getting teased by his friends, said, "Don't you think Reuben, you should explain about Veronica and yourself first?"

"Gosh! What you young men are speaking, I can't understand anything." Mr. Johnson said.

"Yeah. Same here." Mr. Wilson also said.

Whereas Mr. Lopez and Smith just chuckled. Then suddenly Mrs. Smith said, "I have a good idea about it. Why don't we all have lunch together one day?"

Mrs. Wilson spoke, " That seems a good idea."

Everyone agreed to held a friendly lunch together, depending on everyone's free time.

When the boys were teasing Henry, Lucinda's face became red as if someone painted her cheeks with red color.

But Veronica was standing there as if the teasing didn't matter to her at all. After all, she had already become accustomed with their teasing since four years, so it was Lucinda's time to face it.

She just rolled her eyes time to time when Reuben or Neil said something lewd to Lucinda and glared at them.

After teasing Henry and Lucinda to their heart's content, Reuben shifted his attack from Henry to Neil.

"So Neil.. Now even Henry also has a girlfriend. When are you going to become committed or have you decided to stay as the no. 1 playboy of our town forever?" Reuben asked.

Henry now got the chance to get the payback of the previous teasing, he also taunted, "Yes man.. What about you? Are you planning to die single in this life?"

Neil's face become gloomy and he remained silent and thought about a certain girl in his mind..

As the elders were busy talking about their children, the youngsters were also busy making fun of each others

And then a voice rang into their ears..

"Excuse me.. Can I talk to you all?"