My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 58

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 58 Sly And Bold Grandmother

And then a voice rang into their ears..

"Excuse me.. Can I talk to you all?"

Everyone of the four big families looked at the person who suddenly interrupted their chatting and teasing.

"I said.. can I talk to you all for some minutes?" An old lady said with a wide smile on her face.

The old lady was in her early seventies. Though she was old but she maintained herself very well and was standing there very confidently with grace.

Her hair was white and her face showed some wrinkles but that didn't change the fact that she was very beautiful even in her old time.

Alonzo was standing there with his grandmother on one side and his sister Myra on the other side, looking at his grandmother dumbly.

While his grandmother was grinning from ear to ear and his sister was equally shocked by Madam Brown's sudden bold movement.

Breaking out of the puzzlement, Alonzo said, "Sorry to interrupt you. This is my grandma, our family's main head."

Mr. Smith replied first, "Oh. Nice to meet you Madam Brown. I'm Logan Smith and this is my wife Victoria Smith. And last but not the least, he is my only son Reuben Smith."

Then it was Mr. Lopez's turn to introduce their family, "Hello Madam. It's nice to meet you. I'm James Lopez, she is my wife Jessica Lopez and this is my beautiful and precious daughter Veronica Lopez."

Like these, the other two families also introduced themselves to Madam Brown in respect of an older woman and the younger ones greeted her bowing their heads.

Madam Brown was very happy looking at the four biggest families. She thought that as these families were very famous and rich, they would not teach their children to have any respect for elders and would behave all high and mighty. But she was wrong, they were all well behaved and also taught their children very well with good manners.

Being happy, Madam Brown introduced her granddaughter to them, "I'm also very happy to meet all of you. She is Alonzo's only sister Myra Brown. She will also be living here from now on. As I'll not be present there, so I hope all of you will treat both of my grandchildren well."

Then Madam Brown's eyes shifted to the beautiful lady who was looking at her with furrowed eyebrows.

She stared at Veronica for some times and said slyly to Mrs. Lopez, "You really have a beautiful daughter so you can understand the pressure of making a child live without any elders by their side. Whereas I have two grandchildren who will live here without their parents. So you can understand my worry, right?" she feigned an act of pity and sorrow.

Mrs. Lopez nodded her head and said, "Yes, I understand it very well. My daughter is living in her own bungalow for work purpose. Though we live in same city, but it still worry me. Whereas these two young children will be here all alone. So don't worry, we'll take care of them."

The other mothers also nodded in affirmation with Mrs. Lopez. While both Alonzo and Myra were shocked to their core by their grandmother's wild tactics.

Right at that moment, Alonzo's parents also came there to meet them.

"Mom, what are you doing here? We were finding you for so long." Mrs. Brown asked her mother in law.

Old lady Brown smiled and waved her hands, " Nothing. I was just talking with these people and requesting them to take care of your son and daughter."

Mr. Brown then noticed the guests, with whom his mother was talking to and was perplexed after seeing them. "Hello everybody. I'm Porter Brown, Alonzo's father. Sorry for greeting you so late. Hope you guys are enjoying the party."

Mr. Wilson then replied, "Yes, we're enjoying the party. And don't think too much about greetings. Your son is very capable of handling everything."

Mr. Brown nodded at them but his eyes twitched when he saw a face quite familiar to him, but couldn't remember exactly who the girl is. And when the elder men started to talk with him with business matters, he left the thought out of his mind.

When Grandmother Brown saw that her son and daughter in law were busy interacting with the high standard families, she asked the youngers, "Young fellows, do you mind to accompany this old grandma? Let me familiarize with you all. Will you?"

Veronica, Reuben, Lucinda, Henry and Neil looked at each other in suspense but throw out the confusion after seeing the old lady's cheerful smile and eager eyes.

Lucinda said, "Why not grandma? Let's talk. We don't even have anything to do."

"Really? That's good. Then let's go there. That place doesn't have many crowd and it's comparatively quite from other places. So let's sit there and chat."

Saying that, she turned around and winked at his grandson while tugging Myra with her.

Whereas, the five youngsters were all astonished by the old woman's friendliness and frank mentality as they all followed the old woman.