My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 59

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 59 The Sooner You Become Friends.. The More Gossips You Can Have..

Veronica also followed everybody but when she passed by Alonzo, she felt someone was staring at her intensely so she looked back but only Alonzo's handsome figure came into her eyes.

Alonzo stretched his right hand to sign her to go forward and giving him a smile, she did so but Alonzo's dark gaze remained at her slim and s.e.xy back..

Madam Brown invited the five youngsters to a pair of five seated and one three seated sofa and told them to sit there.

She sat on one of the five seated sofa along with both of her grandchildren in each side. Whereas Reuben, Henry and Neil took the other five-seat sofa, leaving Lucinda and Veronica to sit on the left one.

After being seated comfortably, Madam Brown called a waiter to serve some drinks, "Have some drinks kids." She said.

Taking their favorite drinks from the waiter, they continued to look at each other in silence as they couldn't know what to say.

And then Henry started the conversation, "Madam Brown, though it may sound rude but there must be a reason for you to call us."

Madam Brown smiled at Henry and hold Myra's hand tightly, "You can call me Grandma. It's more preferable to me. And for your enquiry.. I must tell you that yes, you are right. I called you all for a reason."

Everyone became serious to hear from the old lady and the reason of her sudden frankness.

Laughing at the five young people's curious look, Old lady Brown said, "Actually I called you to be friends with my grandchildren. I hope you guys will not mind about this idea to make them your friends."

"Well, becoming friends is not a bad thing. But everyone needs some time to know about the other person to make him or her their friends. But.. the thing is.. we don't know anything about any of them." This time, Reuben was the one to speak.

Veronica who was sitting silently, curled her lips listening to Reuben's smart talk, but didn't say anything.

"You are really a good talker young boy. I like you. And you are true about your logic so I won't pressure you guys. Now that all of you will live in same city then you can know each other more and later become friends." Madam Brown said before looking at Veronica who was drinking some white wine.

"I don't know about you guys. But we girls are gonna make good friends. I can really feel by seeing Myra that she can easily mix up with us. Right Vero?" Lucinda excitedly asked.

Veronica smiled at Myra and said, "Yeah sure. We really can be good friends if Myra wants us to be. So will you be our friends?"

Myra smiled and said, "Yes why not? I'm so happy that I already found my two friends on my first day in City S?"

"Then that's final. We're friends from now on." Lucinda clapped her hands.

The boys just rolled their eyes at these girls' over friendly behavior and continued drinking.

Lucinda narrowed her eyes at the boys and asked, "Why you guys are rolling your eyes now?"

"Why shouldn't we? Do you think we are fools? Obviously you girls became friends with each other at the first meeting because, the sooner you become friends... the more gossips you can have...

Isn't it right? Huh!!" Henry mocked.

"Oh really Henry? At least we girls are smart, not some dumbs like you boys who only know about their so called ego. Humph!" Veronica berated them.

Reuben raised his eyebrows and counter attacked, "Dumb? Are you saying this to yourself? Of course, the handsome men like us can't be dumb. So it must be you girls." He pointed at Veronica and Lucinda.

Veronica shot him an angry glare and replied, "Huh? Who are you guys calling handsome? Just see your face in the mirror. You are even uglier than a pig."

"What pig? Dude. You must be joking. Have you guys lost your eyesight at this young age? All the girls of this country lure around these handsome faces." Henry scoffed.

Veronica rolled her eyes and fought back, "Oh really? Then those girls must be blind to run after you."

Reuben firely questioned the girls, "If we are not handsome then which man is handsome in your eyes? I bet there would be anyone else without us."

"Stop being this big narcissists." Looking at here and there Lucinda grinned and replied, "Look the biggest example of a handsome man is right in front of us... Mr. Alonzo Brown. Isn't it Vero?"

Veronica took a peek at Reuben and seeing his frowned expression, she smirked, "Yes. I totally agree with you Lucy. Mr. Brown is really a handsome man."

Both Reuben and Henry's face turned black seeing their girls praising another man in front of theirs eyes and even calling him handsome. They both glared at their girlfriends in jealousy to warn them but the girls pretended that they hadn't seen anything.

Alonzo's heart fluttered after hearing the word 'handsome' from Veronica's lips and his eyes showed a happy glee which couldn't be noticed by anyone except his grandmother.

Actually grandmother Brown did some research before coming to city S about the famous families here. She came to know that the Lopez family were friends with the other three big families (Smith, Wilson, Johnson). And the most important thing is Veronica is also very good friends with the other kids of these three families.

She also found out that Veronica and Reuben are like moral enemies who always fought with each other. She actually tried to know that if Veronica had any boyfriend or not and she saw some of the pictures of her and Reuben together at some parties and restaurants with their friends.

This made her suspicious about both of them, if they were couple or not but finally sighed in relief when the detective that she hired informed her that love is many many far away in their relationship; if there is anything between them, then it is all hatred and fights..