My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 6

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 6 Breathtakingly Beautiful

The next morning, when Veronica woke up from her slumber, she turned her phone on and immediately received a message from the mysterious man. She opened it and her mouth curved up a little.

The man texted, "Good morning beautiful.How was your sleep?"

"Bad morning handsome. My sleep was good because certain someone occurred in my dreams and made it blissful." Veronica typed back with a smile on her face.

Then again her phone beeped and she became surprised as she hadn't expected to receive a reply so soon.

"Oh really? Is the certain someone in your dreams none other than me?"

Reading the message, Veronica rolled her eyes, " In your dreams!!!" she replied.

The man didn't stop there as he messaged again, " Oh baby.. I always dream about you. So you don't have to be tensed about that."

Veronica blushed a little but immediately picked up her fighting spirit, "Who is tensed about what? I don't care about anything related to you."

The man on the other side raised one eyebrow and texted her, " Really?? You don't care about me? Okay then, let's see tonight."

"Yup, let's see tonight." Vero also challenge him back and went to washroom.


It was already afternoon. The Lopez family just finished their lunch and chatting randomly.

Suddenly Mother Lopez asked Veronica, "Have you hired any make-up artist for today, Vero?"

" No mom, I haven't. I'll do it myself as you know I don't like heavy make-up. Your girl is a natural beauty after all." Veronica winked at her mother.

"Yes. Wherever my princess goes.. limelight follows." James said proudly about his dear daughter.

Jessica rolled her eyes at the pair's naricissism.


In the evening

Mr. and Mrs. Lopez were waiting for their daughter downstairs to go to the Smith's party. Mr. Lopez was wearing the brown suit that his wife and daughter had bought for him and Mrs. Lopez was wearing a black gown with some stones embroidered on it with black heels. Both of them were looking very dashing and perfect for each other.

Ten minutes later, the sound of clicking heels made both of them to stare at upstairs. When they looked at their daughter, they both were mesmerized by her beauty.

Veronica was wearing the pinkish-violet color V-neck gown, which she shopped with her mother. She was wearing a pair of blue high heels and the diamond necklace set that were also bought the same day. She tied her hair in a low-loose bun and some of her hair strands were falling on her forehead and cheek area, making her face small yet pretty. She had done a minimal makeup, but gave her eyes a smoky look with black and blue eyeshadow, paired with her nude lipstick.

If anyone have to define her beauty then they will say, "She is nothing but breathtakingly beautiful...."

After she came downstairs, she looked at her parents from head to toe and praised, "Now I understand from where I got the beauty, when my parents are this much good looking."

Mr. and Mrs. Lopez came back to earth hearing their daughter's voice and they also praised her beauty for whole 5 minutes. Then the family of three went out for the party.