My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 60

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 60 Who Was That Girl?..

As the bickering went on, Madam Brown chuckled and said, "Okay.. okay kids.. now all of you stop quarreling with each other. And say something about yourself Like what you guys do or your hobbies.. Well, I know that the boys are the CEO's of the biggest companies. So I'm more excited about the girls.."

Grandmother Brown was really interested to know about Veronica so she made up some random questions which would also help her grandson Alonzo in the future to impress her..

But the biggest question was.. Could Alonzo really impress her?

Or more accurately, why would he want to impress her? Didn't he say that there was a girl whom he had loved five years ago and the girl had left her?

Had he already overcome over the girl that now his grandmother wanted him to pursue Veronica? But he already said that he want to get back with his ex-lover by hook or crook.. Then why Veronica now??

The answers would all reveal when the girl's identity who broke Alonzo's heart mercilessly would be disclosed..

So now the question which is making everyone confused is...


Lucinda chuckled and said, "Grandma, I own some cafes in this country. As I love to bake different types of things from my childhood, so I opened my caf 'Sip and Drip' few years ago but now I have many branches of it all over the country.."

"Wow.. That's so impressive. You are really an independent girl and I love it. And even you have some similarities with Myra. She also love to cook and studied hotel management." Grandmother Brown was very impressed by Lucinda as she excitedly said.

"Really Myra?" Lucinda asked amazedly.

Myra nodded her head in response and said, "Yeah.. And one of my main reason to shift here in City S to open one restaurant of my own."

Lucinda exclaimed in elation, " Then cool. I can help you in that."

Being happy that her granddaughter got someone to help her with opening her restaurant, she asked, "Veronica.. What do you do child?"

Now two men who wasn't giving much attention to the conversation before, focused on the girl, whom the question was being asked on..

Veronica who was watching her best friend getting well with Myra, looked up at the old lady and smiled, "Grandma.. I am an employee of a famous Multimedia company named 'Creation'. I work their as the head of the VFX Department.."

Reuben had a mysterious and proud smile on his face seeing his baby mentioning her job so gleefully..

Whereas, the other man who was Alonzo, was staring at her acutely with a unidentified expression on his face..

"Oh My God.. VFX? Which makes the cartoons? You know I'm fond of watching cartoons." Grandmother Brown was very elated with Veronica's job.

Veronica grinned seeing this old woman all elevated by her job description and corrected her, "Grandma, VFX is not making cartoons.. It's the job of the Animation Department. VFX is a different work. It more focusses on making the unrealistic computer made objects to make more realistic and natural by giving effects, it's a kind of film-making.. But yeah, I'm also on animator. I also worked in many of the animation films.."

Grandma Brown was now more thrilled after hearing the huge description from Veronica and she clapped her hands in joy, "You are so much talented child. I think we would have a very good bonding"

"I think, you are right Grandma. We will really make a great match." Veronica chuckled.

Reuben's eyes were always on Veronica the whole time and he noticed that she got close to the old woman so easily and was talking to her so enthusiastically that he felt very jealous..

Yes.. JEALOUS.. Though Veronica was speaking with an old lady but he still felt a huge bomb of jealousy giving birth into his heart.

Actually he was eating more vinegar because his dear girlfriend was not giving him any attention.. Not only attention but she was not even looking at him for a single time, after she started talking with grandmother Brown.

Reuben tried many tricks like sometimes coughing or clearing his throat, but still Veronica hadn't even bat an eye on him. So he just sat there pouting all the time gazing at her..