My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 61

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 61 The Special Reason Is A Who

Reuben tried many tricks like sometimes coughing or clearing his throat, but still Veronica hadn't even bat an eye on him. So he just sat there pouting all the time, only gazing at her..

After some times, Alonzo excused himself from the group and went near the stage. He then whispered something in the emcee's ear and the emcee nodded in response.

"Ladies and gentlemen.. As you know that today's party has been organized by Mr. Alonzo Brown, the CEO of Brown Corporation, to celebrate the opening of their new head quarters in City S. So now let's call the host of the party on the stage to say something. Let's get a round of applause for the handsome new businessman of city S.. Mr. Alonzo Brown"

Stepping up on the stage, Alonzo took the mic from the emcee as he started his speech, "Hello everyone.. Welcome to the party. I'm feeling honoured to have all of you in the inauguration party of Brown Corporation in city S. Our company will officially start it's processing and works from the upcoming Monday. You all must have been thinking why did I shift my company all of a sudden? And obviously it's a basic question for everyone to submerge through their mind."

Pausing for a while, he continued, "Well, I have already made our company the biggest one in City B. So now I've decided to fly our wings in the city of business world of our country, city S. I'm hoping that all the respected businessmen here would stand beside me in this process and judge me with my capabilities. I already worked with many of the businessmen here, and I think I'll work with more people now."

The emcee who was standing on the stage then asked Alonzo, "Mr. Brown, we wish you the best of your luck. But I have a question.. I'm thinking if there is a special reason to your sudden shifting here?"

Alonzo curved his lip in one side and replied, "Well, you are truly clever Mr. Emcee. Yes, it's a truth that I came here also with some special reason."

Gazing at the a particular girl who was sitting with his grandmother, he continued, "The special reason is a WHO, a person whom I want to get back in my life. But I can't give you any more clue right now. So don't ask me anymore questions. When the correct time comes I'll tell about the person to everyone. Please enjoy the party and have your dinner. Thank you." And then Alonzo left the place.

Reuben who was listening Alonzo's speech very attentively, squinted his eyes when he heard Alonzo, mentioning about some certain person while staring at their direction.

He then looked behind to all of his friends and then to his girlfriend, whose eyes also just fell on him. Veronica blinked her eyes innocently and smiled cutely at Reuben.

She was not at all focusing on the speech as she didn't love to get herself into the business matters so she just carelessly gazing around her when finally her eyes stopped at Reuben who was staring at her with a frown in his face.

Seeing the cute face of Veronica, Reuben also smiled and his mood got better as he threw out the idea that Alonzo must be talking about one of his close ones.

'Maybe the reason is something about his sister.' He thought in his mind.

Grandmother Brown then asked the five young people to have their dinner. Agreeing to it, they joined their own parents for the dinner, leaving the old woman with Myra.


An hour later

As everyone already had their dinner and the party almost came to an end, everybody started to leave the venue.

Mr. Porter Brown came towards the four families who were talking among themselves. He said, "I hope there was nothing wrong in the party which made you upset."

Mr. Johnson replied, "No Not at all. We enjoyed the party."

As the parents started chatting, Lucinda whispered in Veronica's ears, "Vero.. I think I have to go to the washroom. Will you accompany me, please?"

"Yeah.. sure.. Let's go.."

Both of them then headed to the washroom..


Lucinda was still inside the washroom when Veronica's phone rang and she picked up the call.

"Hey Willa.." Veronica said.

"Hi.. I want to...."

"Hello? Hello? Willa.. I can't hear anything.." Veronica couldn't hear what Willa was saying as the call was getting beeped and finally got cut.

Meanwhile, Lucinda came out of the washroom and she noticed Veronica frowning, she asked, "What happened?"

"Willa called me. But the phone call got cut." Veronica said.

"Hmm.. maybe network problem." Lucinda said.

Nodding her head, Veronica said, "Maybe.. Do one thing Lucy. You go back to the hall and I'm coming there after making a call with Willa."

After Lucinda left, Veronica headed to the lounge area and made a call with Willa.

As she spoke with Willa, Veronica's beautiful brows furrowed and later her lips curved into a devilish smile.

Talking for quite a while, when she turned around to leave the place, she suddenly knocked into someone..