My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 62

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 62 Like A Tigress

As she spoke with Willa, Veronica's beautiful brows furrowed and later her lips curved into a devilish smile.

Talking for quite a while, when she turned around to leave the place, she suddenly knocked into someone..

Veronica's head got bumped onto a hard chest of a sturdy figure. The man was wearing a brown suit, while a masculine scent of him approached Veronica's nose..

The man hold the upper arm of Veronica to stop her from falling on the carpeted floor. Then his heavy voice came into her ears, "You should look behind before you turn around to walk.."

Frowning at the sudden lecture from an unknown person, Veronica steadied herself to look at the stranger. She was about to scold the unknown man but when her eyes finally landed on the person, she took some steps behind to make a distance between both of them.

"I am sorry to not notice you." Veronica apologized.

Alonzo's lips made a curve as he continued to stare at her. He then casually said, "You really didn't change your habit of bumping into anyone without noticing."

Veronica raised her eyebrows at him, "Excuse me? Are you saying this to me? Do I know you from before?"

Alonzo smirked, "You tell.."

Getting irritated by the man's idiotic behavior, Veronica rolled her eyes and replied, "Well, according to my memory, we haven't.. That's why you don't know anything about me. So don't ever try to made blatant assumption about me. I don't like this kind of people."

Simpering coldly, Alonzo said, "But you did like me once.."

Veronica who already passed by him to return back in the hall, paused in her step.

Turning towards Alonzo, she asked angrily, "What do you mean?"

Alonzo slowly walked towards her and stopped right in front of her. Tucking his hand into his pants' pockets, he studied her small face and grumbled, "I must say your acting skills got better. Now you are pretending to not know me!!"

This time, Veronica's resisting power got ruined and she shouted furiously, "Listen Mr. Brown.. Don't cross your limit. If you again try to say any bad words about me then"

Before she could complete her sentence, Alonzo burst out laughing as he said, "Oh my God.. Miss Lopez.. You are misunderstanding me. You forget, some days ago, you got collided with a man in front of Fusion... and that person was none other than me. I just wanted to remind you that. But you.. Hahaha.. you literally yelled at me like a tigress.. hahaha.."

Veronica looked at him confusedly and then she remembered the incident and sighed, "Oh.. That person was you.."

"Yes. And sorry if I said something rude. Actually I like to joke very much." Alonzo expressed still chuckling.

Veronica looked at him suspiciously but didn't say anything.

Alonzo then spoke, "I saw you were calling someone. Is it done?"

Nodding at him, Veronica said, " Yes. And now I've to leave. My family is waiting for me in the hall."

"Sure. Let me take you there." Alonzo told as both of them headed to there.


Outside the hotel..

The whole Brown family stood near the carpark area to bid goodbye to the four most powerful families of Country K.

As they were approaching to their estimated cars, Reuben saw Veronica to go with her parents and suddenly the thought of staying without her for a whole night struck into his mind and his face soured.

He exactly knew that if Veronica once stepped in her father's car, then her parents would not allow her to go back to their loving bungalow, which will be a big torment for him.

As he already stayed very long without her before, so now even a single night without her is like the biggest torture for him. He really couldn't sleep without embracing her and feeling the softness of her body in his arms.

He started to think different types of ideas to let her not stay away from him and finally his brilliant brain got an amazing idea...

He then whispered something in Henry's ears and when Henry denied his words, he then mumbled in a low voice, "Bro. Help me this time. I promise I will arrange a date for you with Lucinda at my hotel without any disturbance."

Henry smirked at this awesome proposal and finally agreed to help him before whispering, "You promised it yourself. Don't forget it later."

Reuben vigorously nodded his head and said, "Promise.. 100%.."

When Veronica was about to enter her father's car, Henry said, "Reuben, why don't you drop Veronica on your way home? Both of your place are in the same way whereas the Lopez Mansion is on the exact opposite direction. It'll be a big trouble for Uncle Lopez to drop Veronica at her place and then again going back."

Father Lopez tried to dodge it, "But I've thought to keep Vero in our mansion today. She haven't stayed there for two weeks."

Veronica stopped entering the car and raised her eyebrows towards Reuben and saw the pitiful expression on his face. She wanted to laugh hard there but hold on the urge to do so.

Father Smith who was gazing at Reuben, guessed something naughty and immediately helped Reuben, "Come on James. Your daughter has grown up. She must have some office work left in her home. So don't pressure her. So Reuben drop her off before you go home. Will you?"

"Why me? Are you telling me that I'm a chauffeur of her that I've to drive her home?" He mocked her in pretense.

"If you don't want then it's okay. I'll go with my parents." Veronica counter attacked.

Reuben's eyes widened but he tried to stay calm, "Don't overreact. Come, I'll help you for this once. Humph.!" And hold the passenger door for Veronica to get inside.

Their friends just rolled their eyes at their overacting, cause they already knew what this couple would exactly do after going back and also boarded their own cars.

After everyone left, Alonzo looked at Reuben's departing car and murmured to himself, "Today I let you go easily, my dear Veronica. But now that I'm here, you will not have a peaceful life anymore." And smiled evilly.