My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 63

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 63 Odd And Peculiar


After getting fresh and taking a nice bath, Reuben laid on the bed and hugged Veronica from behind. Kissing her nape, Reuben snuck his hand under her pajama top and caressed her tummy.

Even after sometime caressing her curves and kissing her ear, nape and shoulders, when he got no response from her, Reuben knitted his brows and slightly shook her.

"Baby.. What happened? Why are you silent?" Reuben asked.

Coming out of her notion, Veronica turned towards Reuben and rested her left leg on his waist. Facing him properly, Veronica stroked Reuben's cheek softly and then outlined his lower lip with her thumb.

Reuben's frown got deepened as he saw his girlfriend in a daze and hugged her more tightly. Giving her a quick peck on her lips, he said, "Babe. If there is something bothering you then please tell me. Don't keep it to yourself."

Veronica sighed and then answered, "Actually it's nothing much honey. But.. But I feel this Alonzo Brown some kind of a odd person. I mean... I can't express it clearly but I think he is not like how he shows to others. Seems like he has many secrets and his behavior is also peculiar."

Reuben was baffled after hearing this things from his girlfriend. Then he spoke out, "Hmm.. I also felt the same today. But baby.. He hadn't done anything to make you this much suspicious."

Taking a deep breath, Veronica told everything about her conversation with Alonzo in the balcony to Reuben and waited for his response patiently.

Thinking for some while, Reuben sighed and said, "Alright, you don't have to worry about him. Maybe he was really joking." He assured her, though his mind was saying something else.

When Veronica hadn't said anything back, Reuben pretended to be angry as he said, "Are you thinking about another man in front of your boyfriend? Are you trying to make me jealous? You already ignored me in the party today. And now you are talking about another man. Looks like I have to punish you for that."

Giggling at her boyfriend, Veronica closed their distance more and winked at him before muttering on his lips, "Then punish me honey. What are you waiting for?"

Getting the direct provocation from Veronica, Reuben kissed her lips hungrily and slid his hand under the top to cup her b.r.e.a.s.t.

Fondling it with his hands, he twitched her n.i.p.p.l.e. When Veronica m.o.a.ned, he broke the kiss and helped her to put off her pajamas along with his boxers.

Seeing the n.a.k.e.d white flesh in front of him, his eyes filled with l.u.s.t and he attacked on her right b.r.e.a.s.t..

And like this, their night activity carried on with loud m.o.a.ns and groans


Sunday passed by like usual and Monday came soon..

Reuben was not satisfied to leave Veronica and to go to his office. After spending two days alone with her, always rolling on the bedsheet and doing many naughty activities with her, he was really reluctant to let go of her and head back to his office.

Parking his car at the backside of CREATION, where many people didn't visit, he kept hugging Veronica, without any intention to leave her.

Veronica smiled at her boyfriend's clingy behavior and parted him from herself.

"Honey.. It's just some few hours and after that I'll be back into your arms. So now don't sulk anymore and go to your office." Veronica coaxed him before kissing his cheek.

"Only a peck on the cheek? That's not gonna happen. Your boyfriend needs more.." Reuben demanded childishly.

Shaking her head sideways, Veronica pulled him towards her by holding his collar and kissed him passionately.

Happy with the kiss, Reuben grinned joyfully and said, "Thanks babe.."

Veronica smiled at him and reminded him, "Drive safe and message me after arriving at your office."

"Okay sweetheart. I will." Reuben replied before kissing her forehead.

"Bye." Veronica said before getting out of the car.

Seeing her vanishing inside the building, Reuben also headed to Smith Enterprise..