My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 64

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 64 Being Soft Is Far More Complicated.

Smith Enterprise

The conference hall was in a drop dead silence mode. Everyone who were present there, were sweating like hell and shivering profoundly.

The only person who was calm beyond expect was Tom, because he exactly knew what his boss was about to do.

But the person, who made all the executives and employees of his company almost peed in their pants, was sitting casually in the head chair with a cold expression on his face.

"So these are all that you have prepared in the past week?" Reuben asked in a intimidating voice.

All the executives bowed their head in silence, fearing that they would say something wrong which would terrify their Boss's mood more.

Reuben who was noticing each and every move of his employees, became more angry after getting no response from them.

"Why are you all dumb now? I gave you just one project to handle the past week, but you all miserably fail to accomplish that single task.. instead you guys gave me this garbage as an strategy for our upcoming hotel project?" Reuben yelled.

Seeing that still no one dared to make any noise, he sniggered, "Do you guys forget how to work or... is it that I became too much soft towards you guys that you couldn't took my order seriously."

After he said that, everyone stared at him like they heard something unbelievable. They looked at Tom in a questioning gaze as if asking, 'When our Boss became soft to us?'

Tom who was sitting there quietly, felt many piercing gaze falling on him, so he looked upon them to analyze what this was for..

And when he finally understood the meaning of all the employees' gaze, he shot them a glare which told them, 'Don't you dare look at me like this. I don't know anything about it.'

But inside of his heart, Tom was contemplating loudly, 'Boss, do you even look softly at anyone without Miss Veronica? So being soft towards others is far more complicated..'

As he was too much busy in his thought, he jolted up when one of the employee said timidly, "Boss. We're really sorry. But we tried our best to complete the project."

Everyone gaped at the employee who spoke out suddenly, without knowing that he dug his own grave by his own hand.

"Best? Do you even know, what is the meaning of the word best? You called this garbage the best? Even an intern could submit far more better than this." Reuben's rage got burst out after hearing the employee and he added, "More briefly, are you tired of your job?"

Shiver went down though the spine of the employee as he instantly apologized, "Boss, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that."

Reuben hold his hand out, making a signal to let the employee stop his blabbering as he said in a cold tone, "Two days.. I'm giving you two days to present a good strategy in front of me. If you guys couldn't then it'll be the last day in this office. Understood?"

When the employees nodded their head, Reuben got out of the room, being followed by his assistant.

Entering in his office, Reuben opened his computer and browsed through the internet to see the business market's news.

Feeling the presence of his assistant in his office, Reuben snapped out, "What?"

"Ahem.. Boss.. you told me to announce the winner of the bidding competition after the party of Brown Corporation. So when should I do it?"

Reuben thought for a while and then replied, "Do the announcement right before the lunch break."

"Okay Boss." Tom nodded.

"And one more thing." Reuben said.

"Yes boss?" Tom asked.

"Schedule a meeting with Mr. Alonzo before the week ends." Reuben ordered.

"As you say boss. I'll immediately schedule a meeting with Mr. Brown according to your free time." Tom responded.

"Hmm You may leave now."

After Tom left, Reuben called Veronica as he needed to talk to her the most right then to calm down his temper, which was being ruined by his employees who thought that they could impress him with a project strategy like that.

And the best way to get his mood better is to kiss his girlfriend by holding her in his arms. But as they both were now busy with their own company, he would only call her and talk to her to relax his mind