My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 65

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 65 Good For Health

After Tom left, Reuben called Veronica as he needed to talk to her the most right then to calm down his temper, which was being ruined by his employees who thought that they could impress him with a project strategy like that.

And the best way to get his mood better is to kiss his girlfriend by holding her in his arms. But as they both were now busy with their own company, he would only call her and talk to her

He dialed her number and after few rings, a sweet voice cooed into his ears



Veronica was making a Roto Footage (1) for a VFX project, when her phone rang out loud. The ringtone was a song by John Legend 'All of Me'. But the song that Veronica set as ringtone was a cover of this song by Park Chanyeol, a famous singer of a famous K-pop boyband EXO.

As soon as Veronica heard the ringtone, she understood who the caller was, without even lifting her eyes from her computer.

This romantic ringtone was set on Reuben's caller ID, so without any hesitation she picked up the call and placed the phone beside her ear, still doing her work on the computer.


Veronica sweetly called her boyfriend. As she had her own office with a sound proof walls, so she could talk to Reuben with her heart's content and could call him by sweet names.

On the other hand, Reuben's face showed a refreshing glee and his lips curved up into an ambiguous smile, after hearing Veronica's sugary voice..

"Babe.. I'm missing you." Reuben softly said.

The previous anger, furiousness and rage cooled down immediately and the former temper was nowhere to be seen in his face. There was only an inexplicable gentleness and warmth lingering in his eyes. If his employees would see him right now, then they would surely have an heart attack by now, after seeing their boss being all smiley..

Veronica chuckled, after hearing Reuben's confession and said, "Already missing me? Well, that's good for you. A boyfriend should always miss his girlfriend every passing second. That's good for health." She behaved like she is very serious while saying the last two sentences.

Grinning at his girlfriend's funny yet cute clarification, Reuben said, "Then I don't have to worry about my health in the future. As I always think about you.. no no.. let me rephrase it. As I always imagine your face in my mind, then I'll not have any health issue when I'll be getting old."

Hearing this, Veronica couldn't stop herself and burst out laughing. Her boyfriend is really too cheesy.

Hardly trying to held her laughter, Veronica said, "Mr. Smith, your pick up lines will not work for me. Try anything else."

Laughing lightly, Reuben asked, "But baby.. Do I really need to try new things? Aren't you already mine?"

Veronica smiled widely and asked pretending to be innocent, "Am I?"

Reuben frowned on the other side and replied teasingly, "Seems like my girlfriend is still not sure about it. Then I have to handle this matter by myself. So let me assure you tonight.. clearly.. on bed." He whispered the last words in a seductive voice.

Veronica gulped hard and thought what is going to come for her tonight and just by imagining the scenery in her mind, she blushed hard, making her face turn into a red balloon.

"Ahem.. I don't think this is the real purpose of you to call me at this time just to flirt with me. So what's the exact reason? You seemed to be a little displeased at the start of our conversation." Veronica tried to change their topic of discussion as they were going to a e.r.o.t.i.c path.

Reuben sighed, thinking how his girlfriend could easily understand his mood. So he said truthfully, "I'm okay baby. It's just that my employees really made me angry today, so I called you to brighten my mood."

Nodding her head, Veronica asked, "So.. Has your mood brighten finally?"

Smiling broadly, Reuben replied, "Of course darling. My mood got instantly brighten when you picked up my call and called me honey."

He then added, "Okay now I've lots of work to complete. Let's talk letter babe. Bye."

"Bye darling." Veronica said, before cutting the call and again getting indulged in her work.


(1)Roto :- Rotoscopy is a VFX technique to trace over some objects or figure.. so that they could cut the figure and use it in any background or any place.. It is very important in VFX industry and one of the most useful techniques for using in Visual Effects..