My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 66

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 66 Work The Hardest

The H.R. Department of Smith Enterprise

Everyone was busy with their estimated work, when the assistant of the H.R. head entered the floor.

After seeing him, the employees started bowed their head in greetings and said respectfully, " Good Morning Sir."

" Good morning everybody. I had a work for you guys to complete immediately. Our CEO's assistant, Mr. Tom just informed us to announce The Brown Corporation as the winner of the bidding competition at sharp 12 o'clock." The assistant said.

Checking the time in his wrist watch, he then added, "It is 11:30 right now. So you have half an hour to write a report about it. So hurry up."

" Okay Sir" The employees nodded together before the assistant walk out of there.


Brown Corporation

It was the first day for the company and its higher stuffs in City S. They all were happy as well as nervous for their first day there.

As it was also the first day for Alonzo to officially start his work in this city, he called the higher executives and shareholders for a meeting early in the morning.

He shifted all of his trusted employees to work with him in city S. He also hired many interns to make the work more smoothen and that is why many unemployed but very capable people came to work there.

Though, the Browns are not very much famous in city S, but still everyone knows about its achievements and accomplishments in city B.

Or, should I say.. that everyone specially the girls knew more about the CEO, Alonzo Brown for his good looks and handsomeness.

As he is in the list of ' top 5 most handsome bachelor's of Asia', the girls had seen him in different types of magazines.

Not only the unmarried girls but also the elder ladies liked him for his attractiveness, but still their first choice would always be The Reuben Smith.

Reuben's charm was totally incomparable to anyone. He had a special kind of aura and charisma that no man could compete with him. But sadly, they all knew that they couldn't even get a glimpse of either of the man.

Moreover, Smith Enterprise's employee eligibility criteria had high demands. Not everyone could pass all those criteria at their first attempt.

So when the Brown Corporation declared that they would hire some capable interns, most people went for the interview and many of them also got selected.

Alonzo entered the meeting room with an imposing aura and all the higher executives stood up and greeted, "Good morning boss."

Nodding at them, he took a seat and gestured all of the executives to sit also.

He then started saying, " All of your hard work took our company in the highest peek in city B. But now, you all have to work the hardest to establish this company here in city S. So I need all of yours cooperation. Now you people decide, if you guys wanna help me in this.. to make our company bigger or not."

The head of the management department stood up and spoke, " We all have come here because we trust your capabilities. And we all know that our company will flourish more under your guidance. So we all are beside you."

The other executives and shareholders also agreed with the idea which made Alonzo more confident in himself. Thanking them, they all started to discuss about the other developments which were required for improving the company more.


After two hours of long meeting, Alonzo finally entered his office and sat on his comfortable swivel chair. He rubbed his temples to remove the headache that he was getting now before ordering Bill to bring a cup of black coffee for him.

As everything was already settled about the task distribution, the only thing that was still bothering him was the result of Smith Enterprise's bidding. As Smiths were the most influential company of country K, so it would be very helpful for him and his company to partner up with them.

Few minutes later, Bill headed in the office room with coffee in his hand but what was most evident on his face was a huge smile as if achieving something really big.

Taking the cup of the coffee from his assistant's hand, Alonzo frowned and asked, "What's the matter? Why are you so happy?"

Smiling big, Bill immediately replied, "Boss. The news I'm about to give you, will also bring a smile on your face."