My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 67

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 67 Look Does Matter

Taking the cup of the coffee from his assistant's hand, Alonzo frowned and asked, "What's the matter? Why are you so happy?"

Smiling big, Bill immediately replied, "Boss. The news I'm about to give you, will also bring a smile on your face."

Frowning more deeply, Alonzo took a sip of his black coffee and said in an cold voice, "Don't beat around the bush. And say directly whatever you want to say."

Calming down his over excitement, Bill said, "Boss.. Smith Enterprise just announced the name of the winning bidder who will work directly with them."

When Alonzo saw that Bill paused there without continuing, he raised his eyebrows to his assistant, asking him to complete his sentence

Getting the commanding gaze from his Boss, Bill hadn't made him more awaited and spilled the beans, "Boss.. And the winner is none other than us, our Brown Corporation. Congratulations Boss."

Alonzo smiled in victory and said, "It's really a great news. Now we'll step in the business world of city S more easily and enhance more power."

"Yes Boss.. we can." Bill nodded.

"Do one thing. Double the bonus of those employees for this month who worked in this project." Alonzo ordered.

"Okay Boss. And one more thing The Smith Enterprise also asked us to make an appointment with them before this Friday.. They personally want you to meet with their CEO."

Alonzo smirked, as if everything is going as per his plan and said, "Hmm.. That's even more good. Make an appointment with Mr. Smith according to his availability."

"Understood Boss." And then he left his office.

After Bill left, Alonzo muttered to himself, "Now that I got the partnership with the biggest company, so I have not to worry about you anymore my love. I'll also possess you soon. And no one will try to stop me."

But is this even possible? Could Alonzo possess the girl he was searching for so many years madly?

However, the hardest question here is.

If the girl is just a possession. People could only possess a thing, not a person. Is the girl only have a priority like a object in his life? Is this even true love that Alonzo is so much proud of..


Wilson Industries

After handling a boring meeting, Neil tried to take some rest in his office and tried to take a short nap.

He couldn't sleep properly for some days after the day he visited Willa's house. He didn't know what happened to him from that day that he couldn't focus on any of his work and his mind was always wandering somewhere.

This made him very frustrated and he wanted to bump his hand onto the table before scratching his head like some mad man.

But he knew that he couldn't do that because he didn't want to harm his face or head, more like not even a single part of his body. Even a single scratch would look bad in his handsome face and body.

After all, look does matter

He was working like a madman at the day though he couldn't focus on it properly and he would drink all night till he felt that it was enough for him to fall asleep in the night.

But still an alcohol can never make anyone get his blissful and peaceful sleep which would make oneself more relax and energize them more.

Just when Neil closed his eyes and thought of falling asleep, a sudden knock interrupted his single wish for the day and made him scrunched up his brows tightly..

Still hearing the knocking sound getting more louder, Neil fiercely opened his eyes, borrowing a killing intend towards the person who had the guts to disturb him in his sleep, especially when he clearly told his assistant not to let anyone enter the premises of his office floor

As he rushed furiously towards the door and opened it with full force, totally ready to fire up and to yell at the person, his all rage splashed into a surprise expression

There stood a beautiful girl in her mid twenties looking at him with a cute smile on her face..