My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 68

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 68 Ulterior Motive

As he rushed furiously towards the door and opened it with full force, totally ready to fire up and to yell at the person, his all rage splashed into a surprise expression

There stood a beautiful girl in her mid twenties looking at him with a cute smile on her face..

"What.. What are you doing here?" After it seems like a day already passed, Neil finally was able to open his mouth..

Without answering him, the girl pushed him aside and passed by him to get into the room.

She went straight towards the leather sofa of the big office room and made herself comfortable there.

Noticing that the man was still standing dumbfounded at the door, she cleared her throat before saying, "Why are you so much surprised to see me her that you are standing there like a log? Can't I come here?"

Neil stared at his sister like he had seen a monkey in his office and closed the door before walking towards his only sister.

Sitting beside Lucinda, he raised his eyebrows and said, "It's not like you can't come here but whenever you visit me here.. in my office.. then there must be an ulterior motive a very big ulterior motive."

"What? Ulterior motive? Bro how can you say this to your little sister? Am I that kind of person in your eyes?" Lucinda acted pitiful like her tears would fall on her cheeks at any moment.

Rolling his eyes on his drama queen sister, he mocked, "Stop your acting. And tell me why have you come here?"

Lucinda cheekily smiled and said, "I'll tell you everything.. but before that, you have to let me eat the pasta of your office canteen."

Neil sighed before calling his assistant to order one plate of pasta for his hungry sister.


After half an hour

Lucinda took the last piece of white sauce pasta in her mouth and chewed it with full of passion, savoring the seasoning and taste of it, like she was not eating some pasta but eating the apple of heaven..

Swallowing the pasta, she kept the empty plate on the table and drank the orange juice in one sip.

"Aah.. It was really good." Lucinda exclaimed with her eyes closed after sipping the last drop of the juice.

Neil scrunched up his face into an ugly frown and yelped, "Eeww.. Don't eat like a hungry wolf. You are behaving like some kind of zombie. For how many days you haven't eat well?"

Lucinda glared at him angrily and said, "Stop mocking me.. otherwise I will not tell you why I came here."

"Okay sorry.. I'll not.. now tell me what happened?"

"Actually Mom wanted to see you and so she asked you for a dinner this weekend." Lucinda said.

"Dinner? Why so suddenly?" Neil asked suspiciously.

"I don't know. Just come home this Saturday." Saying this, Lucy took her bag and ran out of the office without waiting for her brother's response.

Neil again fell into a despair when he saw his sister running out of his office clumsily. He knew that there is something wrong with her behavior today.

Specially when she was telling him to visit their parent's house, there was some kind of odd expression on her face which showed him that she was feeling guilty about something.. but couldn't understand about what she is so guilty..

Thinking too much of it, made his head ached more. So he thought to himself that whatever would happen there in the Wilson Villa, he would manage it there.

So... he needed rest more than anything right now due to the upcoming fight he have to handle the end of the week..

Neil called his assistant to inform him to cancel all of his appointments and meetings for that day's afternoon and took a quite nap at the big sofa..