My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 69

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 69 Lots Of Ifs


Veronica had just finished her lunch and she was browsing through her phone gallery, seeing different kind of pictures.

As it was still not the end of their lunch break time, she thought of looking through her gallery so that she could bring back some old memories of her and Reuben's.

She saw a photo of her and Reuben, in which both of them were looking at each other passionately while Veronica was sitting on Reuben's lap horizontally..

Both of them had plastered a smile on their face and their facial expression clearly showed that how much these two are in love with each other. The picture was taken two years ago when both of them were lazing out in their balcony on Sunday evening, enjoying the sunset.

Another picture came to her notice which brought a big widening smile on her plump lips. And the picture was like that

Reuben was wearing a brown sweatshirt which had a print of one letter on the chest portion and the letter is a big.. W..

Whereas, Veronica's sweatshirt was deep red in color and the letter on her chest was a big E..

So if you join both of the letters W and E.. it will create the word WE..

As they are one by their heart so this WE sweatshirts were just a sign of them being together.

They both were wearing black jeans and black caps. They were hiding their face from the people there by wearing a black mask and goggles.

The photo was shot in front of a big aquarium, filled with different types of dishes. They were both holding their hands and looking at the fishes.

She remembered that it was their first date after proposing their feelings to each other and the photo was taken exactly four and half years ago..

The two figures in the picture were not so intimate as they were now. As this photo was taken at the start of their relationship, they were still very shy that time.. even they held each other's arms awkwardly that time..

Thinking about all of this past memories, a sweet sensation erupted in her heart and she couldn't help but smiling wider.

She started to wander what would happen to her, if Reuben was not by her side in those most difficult days of her life..

What would have happened if he hadn't helped her through out all those hard times and gave her courage to strengthen up herself more..

She would never be what she wad right now and never would be able to smile like how she was doing right now.

If he hadn't become her boyfriend four and half years ago, she would never feel the safety she was feeling in his arms. She would never live her life with calmness and peace like how she was living now..

There were a lots of 'IFs' in Veronica's mind, but the truth was that she was now with the love of her life, her Reuben who stole her heart unknowingly and now this heart only belongs to him..

Every single happiness, every single reason of her smile and joy was all because of that one person who supported her through out these past years and had been loving her unconditionally..

He was really her knight in the shining armor.. her love.. her angel.. her everything..

She was so much busy in her thought that she hadn't heard the knock from the outside of her office. She only notice her assistant when Willa waved her hands in front of her eyes..

"Hey girl, Where are you? Come back to earth." Willa said.

Veronica jumped out of her chair in fright when she noticed Willa's face suddenly right before hers..

"Oh.. When had you come?" Veronica asked.

Willa sat on a chair and replied, "Just now. I was knocking the door continuously but when you didn't response, I just barged in and saw you dozing out.

Veronica said, "Leave it.. Tell me why have you come here?"

Willa smiled cunningly and said, "Well I'm here to give you a good news."

Pausing for a while she added, "The work is done that you had told me to do."

Hearing this, Veronica also smirked wickedly and muttered, "So now the right time has finally come."

Willa asked, "Yup. So.. are you going to complete the task now?"

Veronica looked at Willa and nodded, "Yeah. Let's go." Before getting out of the office with Willa.