My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 7

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 7 Cant Escape From Me

Paradise Hotel, 7 pm.

Many luxury cars parked at the entrance of the hotel. There were many reporters at the gate trying to get every single information about the party. The sound of camera clicks and flashes erupted the whole entrance as lots of famous businessmen and celebrities were attending the party.

Meanwhile, a Mercedes Benz stopped in front of the 7 star hotel.

A middle aged man in grey tux got down from the car and extended his hand to the car door and a woman in a purple gown came outside of the car holding the man's arm. They were both looking stunning as they headed to the red carpet. All the focus were on this couple as they were none other than the owner of the hotel who were throwing the party for their son, Mr. Logan Smith and his wife Mrs. Victoria Smith. They posed to the cameras and answered all the reporters' questions and entered the hall..

After another 10 minutes

Again there was a buzz outside the hall. Another middle aged couple came out of the car hand in hand and right then a beautiful pair of legs touched the ground from other side of the car. Everyone was stunned to see the gorgeous woman who was no less than a fairy. Everyone was stunned by her beauty, she is like a living Goddess who just landed on Earth. Mr. and Mrs. Lopez along with Veronica also posed for cameras and entered the party hall.

In the ballroom...

As Veronica was sipping some wine, a figure came behind her and said in her ear, "Did you miss me?"

Veronica jolted up out of fear and looked behind her. She relaxed after seeing who the person was.

"God, Lucy You almost gave me a heart attack right now."

"Hehehe. Sorry Niccy. I was too much excited to see you." Lucinda smiled cutely.

"By the way girl, you are looking fabulous. Totally ravishing." Lucy said as she inspected Veronica from head to toe. and then winked at her.

"Yeah. You too girl. So, where is your prince charming?" Veronica asked.

"Don't ask me about him. He haven't come yet.. Maybe he will arrive here with Reuben." Lucy pouted.

Veronica nodded her head in response and took another glass of red wine from the bar and handed it to Lucinda. As both of them were chatting, Mr. Lopez called them to meet Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

"Hello Uncle and Auntie. How are you?" Vero asked them.

"Oh my God. You are looking so beautiful my girl." Mrs. Smith exclaimed.

"Gosh!! You are lucky James that you got such a amazing daughter." Mr. Smith said enviously.

"Ha ha ha. That's true Logan. I'm indeed lucky." James said proudly.

As they were chatting, Logan's assistant came to him and murmured something in his ear. He also nodded back to him and excused himself from them.


When everyone was busy trying to make bond with other businessmen, a pair of eyes was looking intently at someone. Wherever the figure is going or whatever the person was doing, everything was being noticed by him. The man was entranced by the girl's beauty as he remembered that she hardly changed in all these five years except she became more graceful and mature.

As he was drinking his champagne, some businessmen tried to curry some favor from him through sweet talks but he was never giving them any attention instead his focus was lingering on one girl.

As he finally decided to go to the girl for their first face to face meeting after five years, his assistant called him.

"Boss, there is a bad news. Your grandmother has been hospitalized due to high blood pressure." The assistant informed.

Alonzo sighed, "Okay, I understand. Arrange my private plane to take off as soon as possible. I'm coming in half an hour."

Cutting the call he once again looked at the figure and his jaw tightened in fury.

"Though we couldn't meet today, but that day is not too far, my darling. And then, you can't escape from me." Saying this Alonzo left the hotel.