My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 70

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 70 Two Biggest News

A man was sitting in a dark room with two computers in front of him.. He was smiling coldly looking at the computer screen. His smile was not some type of sweet or cute but it gave a dangerous feeling.

Thankfully, there was no one with him in the room. Because if any person would see his devilish smile, then the person would be shivering in fear right then.

The man then took out his phone and called someone. As soon as his phone was received, a sweet voice of a girl rang into his ears, "Hello?"

Louis heard the girl's voice and asked, "Where are you? How long are you and your assistant would make me wait for you guys?"

The girl replied, "We are on our way there. Wait for another two minutes and we'll be right there."

Louis nodded his head and said, "Okay.. come soon.. Everything is ready as per your demands." Before cutting the call.

Exactly two minutes later, the door of the dark and silent room got opened and two feminine silhouettes entered the room with their cold demeanor..

The cold room now decreased it's temperature from ten degrees to zero, after the entry of those two women. Now the dark room totally resembled the north and south pole of the world.

If we were talking about the non visible people to shiver before, but now they would be freezed to death.

Louis's eyes finally shifted to the two ladies and he smirked, "Come, I was waiting for you both. Now that you two already come, then let's not waste more time and get ready for our mission."

The two ladies sat on the chairs on the both side of Louis and the assistant was the first one to speak, "You said everything is ready. So let's start."

After the assistant finished her sentence, the other girl who seemed to be the boss of the assistant also opened her mouth and sneered coldly, "Release the articles and proofs that we have collected."

"Okay." After replying, Louis's fingers danced on the keyboard haphazardly.

Five minutes had already passed when Louis pinched the final code and muttered evilly, "Done. Now the true game will begin."

The other two ladies also smiled wickedly as they said at the same time, "Yes. The game has indeed begun."

Louis then looked at the Boss and asked, "So now that I had already done the work, will miss CEO treat me to a lunch in a high class restaurant?"

Yes, the boss was none other than the CEO of Creation and all three of them were now in the private room of the top floor of Creation, where no one could enter without any of these three person's permission.

The CEO snickered, "What are you rushing for? The game hasn't finished yet. Do you think that I will leave that sc.u.mbag so easily. You know this better that my revenge is not so simple. Anyone who would try to harm my company's reputation, I'll make him rot in hell."

Louis gulped his saliva whereas the assistant just nodded her head in acceptance.


At exact 3 pm

The whole social media was in a huge uproar as an unexpected article and some shocking videos got out, trending the whole country.

The Headline of the news were

"D. B. Animate theft the secret information from Creation."

"What will be the revenge of Creation on the thief CEO of D. B. Animate?"

Whereas, the summaries were like

"The famous animation house D. B. Animate tried to steal the project of the top Multimedia company Creation and one of their employee got caught while trespassing and selling the secret information of Creation to their rival company."

"Our journalists tried to talk to the CEO of the D. B. Animate, Mr. Hill. Though their company hadn't given any statements till now but after seeing the full proof videos of Mr. Hill, planning and plotting with one of the employee of Creation, the truth had already been confirmed."

The business world was too shocked with the two biggest news of today...

The first one was the revelation of the winner of the bidding competition of Smith Enterprise which was certainly the new company who entered the S city just few days ago, Brown Corporation.

And the second and most shocking one was the articles and videos about the two rivalry multimedia company. One was the thief and the other wan was the company whose information was being theft..