My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 71

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 71 Deliberately Hadn't Stopped..

While the whole country was getting hyper about that day's two biggest news, there was a man who was extremely happy with the sudden turn of events..

He smiled so freshly as if he got the best thing he could ever imagine of. The bright smile on his face shocked the two representatives who were sitting in the man's office.

Reuben who was smiling after hearing something from his assistant Tom, had finally come back to his sense.. that he was still in the middle of a meeting. So he quickly composed his expression and said, "Hmm.. you guys did a good job. Just correct the mistakes I've told you to do and then present the final copy to Tom."

The two representatives nodded and left the room as soon as they got their Boss's order.

After they left, Reuben quickly opened the website forum for business related matters and finally his eyes caught the headlines, he was waiting to see eagerly while he was busy in meeting..

His eyes flashed with some kind of proudness that no one could ever think of and then an idea popped into his mind..

Quickly closing the website, he called for Tom and ordered him to do something


In Creation

The three people were extremely satisfied with the output of their plan and they all celebrated it with some coke and fried chickens..

While eating, the CEO asked, "When will he come here?"

"Very soon.. My men informed me a while ago that they are on the way with him. So they will be here at any moment." Louis replied.

As the last piece of fried chicken went into the CEO's mouth, she hiccuped in satisfaction and drank the coke from her glass.

Louis stared at her as if he saw some alien and asked, "How could you eat so much? Aren't you afraid that your boyfriend will dump you because of your eating habits."

The CEO didn't mind Louis's babbling and continued to drink her coke. After she finished sipping the last drop of it, she casually said, "He will not dare to."

Louis smirked and asked, "How are you so sure?"

But before the CEO could answer, the assistant noticed some persons entering the 19th floor of the building and she immediately exclaimed, "They are here. Let's go."


A man was being seated on the carpeted floor with his head bowed down. His hair was disheveled and the suit he wore was crumpled all over. The buttons of his shirt were already unfastened and his tie was loosely hanging around his neck.

He was a middle aged man with black hairs and a big belly. His facial features were not too good and his eyes were red with tears. Though he wore branded suit and shoes, but still he was looking nothing more than a beggar now.

Some armed men with well built body were guarding him like he was some suspected criminal who had been prisoned in the jail. But what he doesn't know is.. his life would be far worse than staying in a jail.

Suddenly the door of the room opened and a tall figure came into the view of the armed men. They all bowed their head at him and quietly left after getting their Boss's sign.

Feeling that the hall became very quite after some time, the caged man finally raised his eyes and saw the person right in front of him.

"Mr. Louis?" Mr. Hill shuddered in fear.

Louis coldly smiled and said, "Yes.. That's me. Are you feeling excited after seeing me?"

Yes, the big bellied middle aged man was the CEO of D. B. Animate who stole CREATION's project informations. But the poor Mr. Hill didn't know that if the mysterious CEO hadn't gave him permission secretly to steal their things, then they wouldn't even get a hold of a little pen of Creation..

What the CEO of D. B. Animate was able to do in the past days, were all the planning of the mysterious CEO. She had known all the things about you and she deliberately hadn't stopped him..

Mr. Hill shook his head and apologized, "I.. I'm really sorry. I'll confess all my wrong doings in front of the reporters. Please just leave me."

Louis raised his eyebrows as he snickered, "Are you apologizing to me right now? But it'll not work.. Do you know why?"

When Mr. Hill shook his head again, Louis leaned his face forward and muttered in a low yet deadly voice, "Did you think that the conspiracies you and your company schemed behind us, we wouldn't have any idea about that? Hahaha.." and he started laughing loudly.

Stopping his laughter his face again became cold as he gritted his teeth, "From the start to the finishing point of your schemes, all had been known to us and our CEO herself helped you to rob our secrets.. so that you can fall in our trap and get revealed to the whole world."