My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 72

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 72 Newest Joke Of The Town..

Stopping his laughter, his face again became cold as he gritted his teeth, "From the start to the finishing point of your schemes, all had been known to us and our CEO herself helped you to rob our secrets, so that you could fall in our trap and get revealed to the whole world."

Hearing this, Mr. Hill's eyes widened in shock as he stammered, "What.. what did you mean by that?" You all knew about everything from the first."

This was the biggest blow in Mr. Hill's life that he ever could have. He was so much in a thunderbolt that his tears started to fall from his eyes.

He sobbed loudly reminiscing about what had he done and repenting about all his misdeeds. He was pondering that if.. if he hadn't done all those mistakes, he and his company wouldn't suffer now.

Each and every businessmen were making sarcasm about him as he now became the 'newest joke of the town' among everybody. And he also knew this well that the CEO of Creation is really rebellious. He/ she would not stop here just by dragging him in their company, they would surely make every arrangements to make him suffer.

Mr. Hill also knew this very clearly that his company would be bankrupted soon.. or .. should he say that, maybe his company was already in the verge of bankruptcy

But the issue that is bothering him the most was what would his family do without him as he already had two sons and a wife in his home.

Noticing that Mr. Hill was in a daze, Louis cleared his throat and mocked, "Now don't you dare to give excuses about your family as your little betrayer also did before to us. Though that man really cared about his family but you.. you don't give a damn about them. Otherwise."

Stopping Louis in midway, Mr. Hill asked while shivering, "Otherwise what?"

Right then, Mr. Hill was totally in despair thinking about the possibility that if the man in front of him knew about his another mistake..

Louis coldly smiled and whispered in a low voice, "Otherwise you would not fool around with your little mistress behind your wife's back and also have a son with her."

Now, all the patience that Mr. Hill was holding got broken into cold sweats and his mind stopped working already..

"Please.. please don't reveal this in front of my wife. Please" Mr. Hill pleaded.

"Okay. I promise. I will not reveal this to your wife or kids." Louis very simply replied.

Hearing that, when finally Mr. Hill sighed in relief, Louis's cold voice again interrupted his thoughts, "But that doesn't mean that our CEO couldn't reveal that. What's more.. maybe she already posted your little dirty secrets to the whole world. Let me check it first." Saying this Louis started to browse the internet.

After seeing the most awaiting video and article, Louis smiled and said, "Ah.. it's already done. Why don't you see it yourself?" and he hold his phone in front of Mr. Hill's eyes.

The Headlines were...

"The CEO of D. B. Animate, Mr. Hill had cheated on his wife and already have a son with another woman."

"Mr. Hill having an extra marital affair with his mistress.."

After watching the videos which was collaged with lots of pictures of him and his mistress and reading the headlines, Mr. Hill's vision blurred and he fainted on the floor.

Louis took back the phone and called his man inside.

"Splash some cold water on his face." Louis ordered.

After that, the men splashed a bucked of ice water on the unconscious body of Mr. Hill and the latter had jerked up from his senselessness.

"Argh!!" Mr. Hill groaned in pain when one bulky man kicked his torso.

Controlling his pain, he looked at Louis fiercely and shouted, "Why? Why don't you just let me die? Why are you torturing me like this?"

"How can I let you die so easily? Don't you want to see the face of our mysterious CEO?" Louis asked.

Another bucket of cold water was splashed into his head as Mr. Hill shivered and nodded his head, "Yes.. I want to see her. Where is she? Tell her to see me. I want to talk to her face to face. Call her." He yelled.

"Seems like you are being too much impatient to see me.."

A cold yet sweet girly voice rang through the corridor of the empty room as the enigmatic CEO of Creation stepped into the room alongside her assistant.

But when the rival company's CEO, Mr. Hill saw the person's face, his entire body froze