My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 73

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 73 Least Punishment..

"Seems like you are being too much impatient to see me.."

A cold yet sweet girly voice rang through the corridor of the empty room as the enigmatic CEO of Creation stepped into the room alongside her assistant.

But when the rival company's CEO, Mr. Hill saw the person's face, his entire body froze

There, in front of him, stood a slender figure of a girl. She was beautiful.. very very beautiful. Her untied hair was falling back on her shoulder and her tall figure was creating a shadow over that big bellied man, shading his fat figure with the darkness of her silhouette.

Though the room was not brightly lit, but the little light coming from the lampshades from the four corners of the room couldn't hid the fact that the girl had a pair of dark brown eyes with an oval face. Her figure was like a model and her aura could make anyone collapsed on her shoes.. She was really as beautiful as a goddess...

But the question is, if the girl is so much beautiful then why Mr. Hill got flabbergasted so much. She was not ugly, then why? Was it for l.u.s.t?

Well, no The CEO of D. B. Animate got shocked so much from his core, because the tall figure in front of him wearing a green top and black jeans with a black blazer, was none other than the perfect daughter in everyone's eyes, who never did any bad things in her life. Every business men and their wives' first choice for their would be daughter in law and even not only them, even their sons were crazy to make this girl their girlfriend or wife..

She is the top beauty of whole country S, the only heiress of Lopez family, Veronica Lopez..

Yes, yes, you guys are reading the right thing..

The sweet and simple employee of the biggest multimedia company who was also the daughter of one of the biggest businessman of country K, is the. CEO of Creation..

Veronica stepped forward as she headed towards Mr. Hill and took a seat beside Louis who was smiling all evilly, watching each and every expression of the middle aged man whose face was nothing but like a torn yellow page.

He moved his head towards his left when the mysterious assistant of the mysterious CEO also got herself seated beside him. He looked at Willa and she also looked back at him.

Both of them smirked at the same time and waited for their CEO to speak up..

Veronica who acted all sweet and cute all the time, whose innocent face was everyone's soft point, was nowhere to be seen. Instead, the aura she was emanating was totally opposite of her true one.

She was sitting there with a cold expressionless face but her eyes had an undescribable glint which could pierce through anyone's soul, making them shiver to their bone.

"So now that finally you have seen me are you satisfied and feeling happy?" Veronica coldly said.

Mr. Hill felt all of his hair on his body stood up, showing the goosebumps. He gulped in fear as he never had thought in his life that this girl, Veronica Lopez could be the CEO of Creation.

At first he thought, even if he betrayed Creation, he could still save his life as his family was very powerful whereas the mysterious CEO must not have any backer or would not belong to from a reputable family. So, handling her would be a lot easy.

Nonetheless, after finding out the truth, he couldn't help but curse his luck because not only she was the CEO of this company but also her family background is formidable which he could not even touch after hundred times of trying.

Still couldn't believe in his eyes, he asked, "How how can this be? How can you be the CEO of Creation?"

Veronica laughed at that man's antics and smirked, "So shocked that after seeing me almost for ten minutes, you still couldn't trust your eyes. Ha ha ha It makes me want to laugh more. Ha ha ha.."

Controlling her laughter, her face once again became cold and serious, as she said, "But don't worry. I'll try to give you the least punishment for your deeds."

"Pu.. Punishment? What kind of punishment?" Mr. Hill stammered.

"You will see that later yourself. After all challenging us is not a good thing you know right. But still you opposed us. So how can this ruthless CEO would just leave you without a proper punishment?" Veronica grinned wickedly.

Though Mr. Hill was in verge of breaking down, he still tried to defend, "If you dare to hit me then I'll tell your secrets to the media that you, Veronica Lopez is the CEO of Creation."

Veronica who was lazily combing her hair with her fingers, shot him a glare and a killing intent showed in her eyes, "Yes.. You can tell them. I don't have any problem about that."

Seeing the confusion on Mr. Hill's face, Veronica became more happy and let out a chuckle, "You can only reveal that if you can get out of the place. But unfortunately, you can't. And even after, we let you go, if you still tried to open your mouth then then you know I have more proofs of your other dirty things. So don't try to threaten me again."

Now, all the power he was trying to hold had got down to his nerves and he broke out in tears again..

Expecting the response from Mr. Hill, Veronica got up with Willa and walked towards the door before saying, "Louis you know what to do with him. Right?"

Louis sniggered as he replied, "I know this very well. You go and leave this man for me. I'll take care of him."