My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 74

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 74 Dust Who Passed By The Air..

After Veronica and Willa left, Louis looked at the sobbing man and said in a low voice, "Now comes the actual punishment time."

Saying this, he punched the man in his face and blood started to ooze out from his nose and mouth. Kicking him on his chest, Louis kicked his stomach and the man shouted in pain, "Aahhhh."

He then called his men to punch and kick him to their heart's content but ordered them to keep him alive as he had other plans with him.

After one hour of long beating and bashing, they stopped when Louis ordered, "Leave him to the base and later send him to his home."

He squatted down in front of the half dead man and said, "If you try to say anything about today, then you know the consequences, right?"

Though Mr. Hill was extremely in pain and his all body was aching, he still managed to utter one word out of his mouth, "Yes.."

Getting the answer, Louis left the room and his men took the half conscious man to their secret base.


As usual, when the clock ticked five, Veronica left her office and directly went to the secret parking lot which was only for CEO, her assistant and Louis.

As Veronica is the CEO of this company, she maximum time used this parking lot, where her boyfriend could easily wait for her without getting noticed by others.

Entering the parking lot, she immediately spotted the handsome man in his grey suit, standing there all high mighty, leaning against the car, waiting for his beloved to come to him.

The charming man's eyes finally dropped on Veronica who was smiling all brightly whereas her previous viciousness couldn't be find anywhere on her small face.

Reuben's eyes softened noticing the beautiful figure coming towards him and his smile enlarged. When Veronica finally was an arm distance from Reuben, he stretched his hand and instantly pulled the petite figure in his arms.

Veronica hadn't expected the sudden pull and directly fell in Reuben's embrace whereas her face collided with Reuben's hard chest. Reuben buried his head in Veronica's hair and smelled the sweet scent of her hair. It was like a process to calm his mind after the whole day's toil.

Hugging him back tightly, Veronica also sniffed the fragrant of his flesh by burying her head in his neck. After all, it was really a very hard day for her as she had to handle so much or moreover she had to face that rubbish CEO of her ex-rival company.

Now, she only needed the comfort and peace which could she only found in Reuben's arms. She looked up at her boyfriend and pecked his lips.

Reuben saw the turmoil in Veronica's face and tucked her hair strands behind her hair. Kissing her forehead, he praised her, "I'm so much proud of you Miss CEO. You really confronted your enemy in the best way."

Getting praised by Reuben, Veronica's smile couldn't content more as her perfect white teeth flashed out in front of Reuben and she said, "You know baby. Today was a lot hectic for me. That bastard Hill even tried to threat me about revealing my CEO identity even after getting abducted by me. You know I was so enraged that time that I wanted to punch his face. I mean.. how could he just threaten me so blatantly!!"

Knowing that his girlfriend could only show her frustration in front of him as not everyone knew about the special identity of his amazing girlfriend. And today was really a bad day for her so he just let her talk her heart's out while he listened everything patiently because he very well knew that being a CEO of a big company like Creation, was really very tiring as he also had his own empire to run.

"I know baby. And trust me you are the best. Now my CEO girlfriend don't think about those too much and let's go home. I'll make you, your favorite fried chicken noodles today." He then gave her a naughty smile and winked at her before whispering, "And later, I can give you a full body massage."

Veronica rolled her eyes as she perfectly understood what kind of massage he was talking of which was not as pure as other massage but more e.r.o.t.i.c.

As soon as they entered the car, Reuben turned towards the backseat and took out a beautiful bouquet of pink Dahlias and a pack of chocolates.

"This is for handling your enemies very cleverly today. I'm so much proud of you Ica." Reuben said as he handed the gifts to Veronica. His face was showing the huge pride he had for her.

Earlier today afternoon, when Reuben saw the article about his girlfriend revealing the dirty things of her rival company, he immediately ordered his assistant Tom to buy those gifts.

"Thanks a lot Bennieeee.. I love you very much." Veronica squeled in joy as she kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you more." Reuben pinched her nose before driving off.


Love Paradise

After having a tasty dinner, both of Reuben and Veronica were having a warm coffee date in their balcony when Veronica's phone buzzed.

"Dad?" Veronica picked up the call.

Mr. Lopez spoke as soon as Veronica answered the call, "Princess. How are you? Is everything okay now? I saw what that useless Mr. Hill did to your company. And I must say that I'm very satisfied with the aftermath of his stupidity. So princess.. tell me, are you okay?"

Veronica smiled when she heard her father's worried voice as she replied, "Dad I'm perfectly fine. Don't worry too much about me. You know your daughter is awesome, right? So these little problems like Mr. Hill is nothing to me. He is just like a dust who passed by the air."

Father Lopez laughed out loud and said, "Hmm.. good. That's why my princess is the best. So now tell me how is going everything between you and Reuben?"

Shifting her eyes on the person who was sitting beside her, checking his phone and sipping his coffee, Veronica smiled and said, "All is going smooth between us dad. He really takes care of me well."

After talking for some more time, they cut the call when Reuben wrapped his hand around her waist. He then asked, "Was my father in law asking about me?"

Veronica nodded her head and told him about their conversation. Finishing telling about everything to Reuben, she leaned towards him and kissed him on the lips and then this simple kiss led them to their intimate exercise.