My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 75

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 75 Capable Of Handling Such Matters..

Few days later

It was only 6 am so both Ica and Bennie were still sleeping in each other's arms when Reuben's phone rang out loudly.

Reuben opened his eyes to pick up the phone but when he saw who was calling him at this moment, Reuben's brows furrowed down. He then looked at the sleeping beauty in his arms and answered the call, "Hey.."

Willa said, "Hi Reuben. Good morning."

"Yeah. Morning. Why did you call me so early in the morning?" Reuben asked.

"Actually Reuben there are some issues that I need to tell Vero. Is she awake?" Willa asked.

Reuben frowned as he said, "Issues? What kind of issues? Ica is sleeping right now. Tell me what happened. I'll pass the message when she wakes up."

Willa on the other hand sighed and told Reuben everything what she got to know this morning in details.

After hearing everything, Reuben said, "Okay. I understand. Now don't worry too much about the matter and tell Louis to complete the task that you guys have planned before. After Ica gets up, I'll tell her to call you."

Cutting the call, Reuben looked at the girl beside him who was his life and sighed. He thought to himself that his girlfriend really had some brain to think of such an amazing plan. He then hugged her waist again and buried his face in Veronica's neck.

Veronica's eyes twitched when she felt Reuben's uneasy hands on her body. She opened her eyes slowly and asked in still a hoarse voice, "Honey, stop roaming your hands and let me sleep."

Despite of Veronica's warning, Reuben kept wandering his hand here and there which really made Veronica angry and she roared, "Reuben Smith.... If you still don't stop right now, then I swear I'll you kick you out of our room tonight and let you sleep on the floor."

This warning was enough for Reuben to stop his actions and he lied down beside her gently, hugging her simply.

Veronica buried her face in Reuben's chest and smiled secretly before dozing off to sleep again.


Alonzo's Apartment...

Alonzo was sitting in his living room, sipping black tea and checking some doc.u.ments.

This is when his assistant, Bill called him to inform him something really serious.

"Hello?" Alonzo picked up the call.

Bill hurriedly said, "Boss there is something big news circulating around the whole city, which is now the top search among all."

Alonzo frowned when he listened to his assistant's round words. "Will you please tell me the exact matter?" He asked impatiently.

Getting the impatient vibe from his boss, Bill immediately spilled out the things he got to know in the morning.

The news brought a faint smile in Alonzo's face and he said, "Now I really have to think about meeting the CEO of Creation."

"But Boss I heard that no one knows about the CEO of Creation." Bill said.

Alonzo heard this and frowned more. And then a big matter stuck into his mind and he asked, "Why did not the Vice President of Creation come to our party? Did you forget to invite them?"

"No boss. I really invited them. Mr. Louis couldn't come because he had other business to do but his assistant send us a bouquet and a gift." Bill replied.

"Okay. I understand. Come to office in time." Alonzo said before cutting the call.

He searched for his phone and checked through the recent business news in his phone.

'Seems like the CEO of Creation is really interesting.' Alonzo murmured to himself.


Smith Mansion

Mr. Smith was reading his newspaper when his eyes fell onto a sudden headline. He narrowed his eyes on the news and read the full story.

When Mrs. Smith saw her husband reading some news being so focused, she asked, "What are you reading honey?"

Father Smith looked at his wife and said, "Look at this yourself." Before passing the newspaper to his wife.

After reading the full news, Mother Smith was really amazed as she said, "Isn't this the company that Veronica working in?"

Mr. Smith nodded his head and replied, "Yes. It is."

"Then I would talk to her later about this matter to know if everything is okay there." Mrs. Smith said worriedly.

"Don't worry honey. The CEO of her company is very capable of handling such little matters." Mr. Smith said.

"How are you so sure?" Mrs. Smith asked.

"Because I know about her capabilities. Moreover we both know her very well." Mr. Smith said all smilingly.

Frowning more, Mrs. Smith asked, "So the CEO is a female as you said it's her. But how do I know her?"

"You will know about it soon." Mr. Smith smirked.

Mother Smith was not at all impressed with her husband's mischievousness but still stayed mum.