My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 76

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 76 Wear A High Neck Dress..

Willa's Apartment

The doorbell rang which made Willa to stop browsing through the net and went to open the door.

Opening the door, when she saw the figure standing in front of her, she became surprised as she hadn't expected him to come right then.

"Sam?" Willa asked.

"Good morning. I was passing by here. So thought to buy some breakfast for you." Sam said before lifting his hand up to show Willa the packets of food.

"Oh. Please come in." Willa locked the door properly after Sam got inside her apartment.

Sam kept the foods on the center table and made himself seated on the sofa.

Willa looked at the bags full of foods and then at her boyfriend. She also sat beside him as she said while smiling, "You don't have to do this Sam."

Sam raised his eyebrows as he asked, "What ? Now can't I even bring breakfast for my own girlfriend?"

Willa's cheeks blushed in red when she heard the word 'girlfriend' coming out of Sam's mouth . She smiled at him sweetly and replied, "Thanks Sam for coming here and bringing breakfast for me."

Patting her head gently, Sam said, "Don't say thanks to me for this small reasons.. Now that we are finally in an relationship, so it is quite normal for a couple to do this kind of things like bringing breakfast for your girlfriend and all.."

Smiling sweetly, Willa got up from sofa as she said, "Let me bring some plates."

While having their breakfast, Sam suddenly asked, "I read the news about your company today morning. So is everything going to be okay there?"

Looking up at Sam, Willa sighed before replying, "Don't worry about this. Our CEO is very competent and will manage everything single handedly."

Sam's eyes twitched for a second but before Willa could notice any changes in his behavior, his face again came to normal. He then asked, "So is the CEO a she or he?"

Willa stopped eating for a while and calmly said, "I don't know. The CEO never showed her/ his face to anyone, without our Vice President. So we never know about the CEO's gender."

Nodding his head, Sam continued to eat his breakfast.


Henry's place

"This time it's really a huge news." Henry said in the phone.

"Hmm But I'm sure that my sis gonna handle it well. After all, she is an awesome businesswoman." Neil said from the other side of the phone.

Henry grinned and replied, "Yes.. that she is."

"Okay now gotta go. Talk to you later." Neil said chuckling slightly.

After cutting the call, Henry thought to call Reuben but when he saw the time, he thought not to bother the love birds as they would probably still be sleeping now.


Love Paradise

Veronica's alarm started to ring loudly which made her woke up from her sleep. Stopping the alarm, she opened her eyes groggily and cutely blinked some times before shifting her eyes towards the man beside her.

She caressed his cheeks before whispering in his ears, "Good morning darling."

Reuben who was already awake smiled c.o.c.kily and pulled Veronica towards his body. Veronica fell on his chest and when she noticed the man opening his eyes, she gave him a peck on his lips.

"Good morning love." Reuben said and kissed her.

Breaking the kiss, Veronica dashed towards the washroom whereas Reuben called his assistant, "Cancel my morning meeting today and I'll also be a little late for office."

Veronica walked out only wearing a bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her hair. She sat on the stool and started rubbing the moisturizer on her body in front of the dressing table.

Seeing the hickeys covering her neck and shoulder areas, Veronica sighed and looked fiercely at her boyfriend, "Look what have you done. Now it would take me half an hour to hide all these marks with concealer." She snapped.

Chuckling at his creations on her body, Reuben replied coolly, "Babe. What can I do when you are so tempting. By the way. I have a better idea to hide your hickeys quickly."

When Veronica raised her eyebrows asking what the idea was, Reuben grinned as he replied. "Wear a high neck dress. It's simple."

Glaring at him, Veronica became more angry but she hadn't any other choice right now other than accepting the idea, so she went to the cupboard to find a suitable dress for her.

Throwing the towel that was wrapped around her head to Reuben, she said, "Go quickly freshen up. I'll make the breakfast."

Quickly getting out of the bed, Reuben back hugged her before whispering, "Do you need any help to change?"

Veronica threw daggers through her eyes at him and said, "No thanks. Just clean the bed and it will be the biggest help for me."

Keeping the dress on the bed, she headed downstairs to make some healthy yet tasty breakfast.

Reuben also chuckled and after cleaning the bed, he went to take a shower.