My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 77

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 77 Dutiful Boyfriend..

Reuben came down wearing a cream color shirt and peac.o.c.k blue pants, rubbing his wet hair with his right hand. He was actually half ready for his office.

Not seeing the slim figure in the dining room, he searched in kitchen and there he found his girlfriend, plating a dish still wearing the bathrobe with her hair tied with a single clip on the back of her head.

Feeling a warm stare at her back, Veronica faced the door and after seeing the person there with a smile on his face, she also smiled back and took two plates in her hand.

Giving the two plates in Reuben's hand, she said to him, "Keep these plates on the table. I'll bring the others."

Reuben listened to her orders like a dutiful boyfriend and waited for Veronica to come with the other dishes.

While having their breakfast, Reuben observed Veronica, drinking her soup quite happily. That was why, he was reluctant about the fact that whether he should let her know today's big news or not.

But he finally agreed with the first one as he knew that she would definitely be aware of the truth somehow before or later. So it would be better if he himself broke the news to her.

Contemplating for another minute, he finally sighed and said, "Baby.. I have something to tell you."

Veronica tilted her head up to him and arched her eyebrows as she asked, "What?"

Sighing again, Reuben stated, "Well baby. Rather then saying, I would prefer to show you something." And then he handed his phone to her after opening a certain webpage.

Taking the phone from his hand, Veronica scrolled down the pages and narrowed her eyes after scrutinizing every single word of the article.

After reading thoroughly, Veronica's expression hadn't changed at all which made Reuben quite suspicious.

But before Reuben could say something, Veronica moved her face towards him with a worried expression as she nervously said, "What should I do now Bennie? I haven't ever thought that this could happen. Now everything is out of my hand. I.. I'm really scared now."

Seeing his girlfriend's anxious face, Reuben raised his eyebrows and said in a same tensed voice, "Right baby. I also haven't thought that you have to go through this difficulty. Now how will you handle this issue?"

Veronica's frown got deepened as she bit her lips nervously, "I don't know.. I don't know anything Bennie.." she said as one teardrop fell from her left eye.



Veronica entered the secret elevator which was directly connected with the CEO's floor and pressed the top button.

Waiting for few seconds when the elevator finally stopped and the door got opened with a 'ding' sound, she got out of the elevator and entered her office room.

Louis and Willa werd already present there waiting for her and finally seeing her, they became agitated and skittish.

"Finally you are here?" Louis asked first.

"Yeah. I am." Veronica replied.

"What took you so long?" Willa worriedly asked.

Veronica sat on her swivel chair and explained, "Actually I reached near the entrance of our office 45 minutes ago but noticed the media was there covering the whole main gate area. So Bennie told me to wait for sometime till his men removed the reporters from there. And meanwhile, he kept supporting and assuring me that everything would be alright. So while the reporters were being moved away, I was getting comforted in his arms. That's why I'm a little late."

Both of Louis and Willa relaxed after hearing the whole story and gazed at Veronica in concern.

Well, what Willa and Louis didn't know was that this 'getting comforted' meant none other than them, hugging and kissing all along in the name of an excuse to spend some more time together.

Louis then asked, "Now what should we do?"

In the meantime, Willa's phone buzzed and when she opened to see the message, her eyes got widened in shock.

"Guys.. look at this." Willa said.

"Why are you behaving like this? What happened?" Veronica asked.

Passing the phone to Louis and Veronica, Willa said, "Sam just sent me the link of this article with some photos as a proof of today's morning news."

And when both Louis and Veronica looked at the pictures, Louis was utterly shocked and enraged whereas Veronica's face remained calm.

The headline of the articles were.