My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 78

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 78 Say Goodbye..

"Mr. Hill found dead in his apartment."

"Mr. Hill committed suicide by cutting his vain."

There were also some photos attached with those articles where Mr. Hill could be seen lying on his bedroom's floor with his wrist slit, making all the blood of his body drowning in the white marble floor.

The contrast of both colors, red and white gave the room an exaggerating feel. There was a blade beside his right hand and there was a paper lying under it.

The police took his dead body for postmortem and only could reveal that the estimated time of his death was around 4 am in the morning.

And for the other results.. everyone had to wait for the postmortem result to come out, regarding if it was really a suicide or a murder..

But for now.. they only suspected this as a suicide and got hold of the suicide note that Mr. Hill had left for them but the police hadn't revealed anything about the note till now as they would be revealing all the things together with the report.

The trio kept silent for few minutes after reading the article and watching the images.

"Now what should we do? He just committed suicide. Though I don't care about it but.. what if he wrote something about your identity in that letter, then what would happen?" Willa asked tensely.

Veronica's lips curved in a smirk as she tried to comfort her friend by rubbing Willa's back with her left hand and said in a calm voice, "Don't think about it too much and sit here properly, enjoying the drama."

Louis frowned, seeing Veronica so much calm that he couldn't help but ask, "Aren't you even a little bit worried about this matter?"

"No.. Not at all." Veronica instantly replied.

"But how?" Louis asked.

Again, Veronica's lips showed them an evil smile before saying them the whole story..


Earlier this morning, when Veronica and Reuben was having breakfast, Reuben showed her the news about Mr. Hill by passing her his phone..

After reading thoroughly, Veronica's expression hadn't changed at all which made Reuben quite suspicious.

But before Reuben could say something, Veronica moved her face towards him with a worried expression as she nervously said, "What should I do now Bennie? I haven't ever thought that this could happen. Now everything is out of my hand. I.. I'm really scared now."

Seeing his girlfriend's anxious face, Reuben raised his eyebrows and said in a same tensed voice, "Right baby. I also haven't thought that you have to go through this difficulty. Now how will you handle this issue?"

Veronica's frown got deepened as she bit her lips nervously, "I don't know.. I don't know anything Bennie.." she said as one teardrop fell from her left eye.

Reuben quickly hold her face in his hand and kissed the teardrop on her cheeks. But instead of coaxing her, he pinched her cheeks which made Veronica cry in pain.

Glaring at Reuben, Vero yelled, "Why are you pulling my ear? Shouldn't you coax me right in this difficult moment?"

Rolling his eyes, Reuben said sarcastically, "Difficult moment? Really baby? Your acting is getting better day by day. Huh??"

"You really know this right." Veronica smirked.

Reuben smiled and hugged her side-wise before saying, "So tell me what's the next plan now? I had already ordered my men to beat that bastard Hill and after that, they also showed the photos and videos of his and his mistress and other girls to his wife."

"But then.. that bastard tried to threaten you by trying to sell your information to one of the journalists. How could I let this happen?" Reuben gritted his teeth out of anger.

Veronica rubbed his arm and continued Reuben's sentences, "And then your men threatened him back that if he said anymore then they would kill his mistress with their son. Right?"

Reuben nodded his head before saying, " Yes. So I gave him two options. Either he committed suicide after writing a letter that he was in depression or say goodbye to his mistress and their illegitimate son."

Smiling evilly, Veronica said, "And he did what we had expected."

Reuben didn't say anything but endearingly looked at Veronica which expressed his full love towards her.

This time Veronica's eyes welled up, not in sorrow but in joy. She hugged Reuben tightly and mumbled, "Thank you for everything, Bennie. Thanks a lot."

Hugging her back, Reuben muttered naughtily, "Well, if you want to thank me, then you can do it in bed."

Biting Reuben's earlobe, Veronica whispered seductively, "Then let me thank you properly tonight."


Back to present

Willa and Louis's mouth were wide opened when they heard that even Mr. Hill's suicide was this couple's plan. They could not help but shiver just by thinking how this pair be so cunning together to plan this whole thing without encountering any suspicious from anyone.

Louis said, "Woaaaahhhh..!! You two are really despicable."

"You should at least inform this from before to us." Willa said.

"I'm sorry guys. But I thought not to bother you guys with these little matters." Veronica apologized.

Shaking his head, Louis said, "I understand. But tell us everything beforehand from the next time."

Talking for some while, everyone left for their own offices.