My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 79

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 79 My Brother's Future Depends On Today's Occasion..

It was already Friday morning and the Wilson Mansion was super busy, huddling with the servants running from here to there. Mrs. Wilson was dictating some of the servants to prepare the food as per Neil's choice because today was the day when Neil was coming to visit his parents in the Wilson Mansion after so many days.

Though it was completely the request of mother Wilson to make Neil agree to come here but still she was very happy that her son would finally visit them. To her, it didn't matter whether Neil willingly come here or she had to ask him for it. That's why, she was very excited for evening to arrive soon.

Lucinda who just came downstairs with her handbag, ready for her office, was really shocked to see the preparations by them as if the house was not theirs but had changed into a totally different one.

She cutely pouted, "Mom, you never did any of these things for me. Neither you had decorated the vases with my favorite flowers nor did you ever put my favorite pink color cushion cover. But now.. you are all changing these just because brother is coming home back. This is not fair."

Father Wilson who just completed his breakfast, came to his pouting daughter and wrapped his hand around her shoulder as he said, "Yes. This is indeed not fair. How can my daughter's wishes not be valued by anyone? She also has her own favorites. Right princess?"

"Yes Dad. Look Mom doesn't love me at all. She only loves brother." Lucinda hugged her father as she acted like she was crying.

Mother Wilson rolled her eyes on the pair of father and daughter's fake pitiful faces and said, " Both of you clearly know why I'm arranging all these. So stop behaving like kids. Today is really important for us, Wilson family. Today evening will decide our Neil's future and that's why I'm doing all these arrangements to give it a better feel."

Lucinda who was acting all crying and pitiful, quickly gaped at her mother as she remembered something.

Grinning ear to ear, she then said dramatically, " Yeah Mom. You are right. My brother's future depends on today's occasion."

Chuckling at his daughter's behavior, Father Wilson patted her head and exclaimed, "Aww! My princess is so cute. Come, give Dad a hug."

When Mother Wilson saw them hugging each other, she asked, " Don't both of you have to go for your work? And you Lucy if you want to eat your favorite ice cream tonight then leave right now and come back early."

Hearing about her favorite ice cream Lucinda instantly gave her mother a kiss before running out of the mansion in hurry for her work.


Outside Wilson Mansion

A black sports car was waiting with tinted glass, through which the person in the driver seat couldn't be recognized at all.

Lucinda who just came out of the house, saw the car and without wasting any second, got into it. But before she could utter something, she was being pulled by someone in a warm hug.


Henry who was the owner of the car, was sitting patiently in the car, for his girlfriend to come, had finally felt relieved when Lucy ran out of the mansion with a big smile plastered on her face.

And as soon as Lucy hoped into the car, he pulled her into his embrace.

After getting into the relationship, this became both of their habit to go for their work together. Henry would everyday pick her up and send her to her cafe before going to his own office and later sent her back home.

Pulling out from the hug, Lucinda cutely said, "Good morning Henry. Have you eaten your breakfast yet?"

Smiling at her, Henry replied, "Morning baby and yes, I've already done my breakfast. What about you?"

"Me too." Lucinda replied.

On the way to the caf, Henry suddenly asked, "Babe. Today you were looking kinda nervous. What's it?"

Giving a sigh, Lucinda said, "Actually Henry. Bro Neil would be visiting us today."

Frowning, Henry asked, " Then it's good, nah? Why you are acting weird then?"

Gulping a mouthful of saliva, Lucinda replied, "Actually our parents had organized a blind date for him today about which bro isn't aware at all. And the ridiculous thing was, I personally went to his office to request him for coming today."

"What? A blind date?" Henry was utterly shocked by this revelation.

"Hmm.. But please don't say anything about this to my brother. Otherwise he would kill me." Lucinda pleaded.

"Of course not baby. I'll definitely not tell him about this." Henry said before a playful smirk hung on his face, already analyzing about the upcoming hurdle for his another best friend.

Parking his car outside 'Sip and Drip', Henry kissed Lucinda on her lips passionately and then finally let her go.