My Heart Beats Only For You Book 1 Chapter 8

Volume 1: The Truth To Be Disclosed. Chapter 8 The Two Handsome Men

Top floor of Paradise Hotel, VVIP Room

Two handsome men were sitting on the sofa with two glasses of wine in their hand. They were both in their late twenties but no one could guess seeing their face as they were looking much younger by their appearance.

When they were chatting about some business staffs with each other, the door of their room opened and a man in Black suit entered with a file in his hands.

"Boss, Mr. Smith is expecting you both to be present at the hall in 10 minutes." The man told them, who was also one of the two men's assistant.

"Got it. You go there first, we'll be there in 5 minutes." One of the men said.

"So are you ready to meet her?" The man with copper hair color asked after the assistant left.

" I'm always ready to meet my girl. What about your girl? Are you excited to see her?" The man who has light brown hair asked back.

"Truthfully. I'm little bit nervous." The copper haired man said.

"Hmm.. You are always a nervous freak when it is about her. You are even hiding your feeling from her for almost three and half years, just because you are scared of her rejection. I don't know how you became my best friend Henry!!" The other man teased.

"You. Stop it.. Did you forget that Uncle called for us?" Henry tried to escape the conversation.

"Yeah. Let's go. I can't wait more to see my girl." Henry's best friend said as he got up from sofa.

Henry followed him as they entered the private elevator.


Mr. Logan Smith stood in the middle of the stage with a microphone in his hand, " Thanks to all the guests who are present in the party to celebrate our company's success with us. As you guys know that the project of U.S. resort and hotel become a huge success and all credit goes to my one and only son Reuben Smith. So now let's welcome him with a round of applause."

As Mr. Smith was giving a speech, Lucinda held Veronica's hand so tightly in anticipation that Veronica felt extreme pain in her wrist. She flinched slightly and glared at her best friend.

"Ah, sorry sweetie. I was so excited that I didn't notice how tightly I held your hands. Actually those two handsome men will be coming here at any moment. So I couldn't suppress my excitement." Lucinda apologetically said.

Veronica just shook her head, " Yeah, whatever."

Their conversation broke when the hall filled with the loud clapping sounds.

Everyone's eyes were focused on the stage to see the man for whom the party was held for. As the lights turned off, the silhouette of a sturdy figure could be seen slightly on the stage.

The man finally opened his mouth to talk, after receiving the mic from his father, "Hello everyone. I'm Reuben Smith, the current CEO of the Smith Enterprise. Thanks to all for coming here. We have many other projects in our hand now. Right now, we're focusing to build a new shopping mall in City A. So we'll be arranging a bidding for architecture soon. The best idea will be selected as the winner and will be collaborated directly with Smith Enterprise. I'll not waste anymore time of you guys, so enjoy the party. Last but not the least, thanks Mom and Dad for always having faith in me and loving me. I love you both."

As Reuben finished his speech, the lights turned on again and his handsome face came in sight of everyone.

He is 6 feet 2 inches tall with broad shoulder. He was wearing a dark blue tuxedo with a silver colour tie. The tuxedo fitted him perfectly showing his strong figure with perfect abs and long sturdy legs. He had his light brown hair waxed backward.

He has dark grey eyes, a tight L-shaped jaw, sharp nose and lips which were not too thin or thick just perfect for kissing. His enigmatic eyes can make hole to any girl's heart. He is the most handsome man of country K and the youngest but the wealthiest businessman. He also ranked no. 1 in 'The Top most Eligible Bachelors' of Asia'.

Every girls were looking at him with l.u.s.t and desire as they wanted to be the girlfriend of this godlike man. But sadly no one could snatch his attention till now.....maybe except one person.

Reuben is the epitome of handsomeness and he has the aura of a king, so not every person could handle his wrath.

Henry walked towards his best friend and hit him playfully on his shoulder. "Bro, this is called a proper speech. Look, how all the girls literally drooling at you like they'll eat you up if they get a chance now."

Reuben just shrugged his shoulder at his best friend's mockery. He didn't replied him back but glared at him killingly.

Henry gulped seeing Reuben's expression and didn't continue on the topic.


Henry Johnson is also one of the biggest businessman of Country K. He ranked 2nd in the most eligible Bachelors' of Asia. He is the CEO of Johnson Estates.

He also has a handsome face with 6 feet 1 inch height and maintained a good body. His eyes are of black colour with copper hair. He was wearing a sap green tuxedo right then with a black bow tie and he was also looking very dashing, without failing to snatch the attention of the girls. He is single right now but has been in one-sided love with a girl since three and half years.